Everything You Need to Know About Application Management Services

What makes the backbone of a successful company? For many years employees and financial sources, in equal measures, would propel the business growth and development. However, nowadays the world of commerce is driven by technology and its solutions, making it the third and most important part of development.

Utility and tools, content management, social media, payment, finance, communication, logistics, and numerous enterprise-specific apps – that is a short list of software the company can use for managing its spheres of influence. While being a significant tool to ease and facilitate the life of the company, all these apps require proper maintenance as well, which can turn into a backlog for the team.

Keeping such a problem in mind, the developers of SAP software, a widely-recognized provider of business solutions, came up with a special edition, SAP AMS, which aims to help overcome the issues connected with the functioning of implemented technologies.

What is SAP AMS?

SAP AMS, application management services, are provided by third-party organizations to help businesses with application support. It can be used by companies regardless of their size, to maintain critically important software systems.

The main function of the SAP AMS provider is to monitor and manage a bundle of applications that the company uses and provide their seamless operation. Besides, the SAP AMS providers help to implement new applications, track and schedule software updates, and do all the app testing before the company decides to adopt it.

The AMS providers can offer their services both on-premises or using cloud environments.

Benefits of Implementing SAP AMS


Any business that chooses to cooperate with SAP AMS providers will benefit greatly from the structured and professional approach they use.

1. Extended expertise

Our society takes everything related to technology as an “IT specialist” concern, thus, the one who works with the company may deal with all the application load. However, the IT specialist isn’t a jack-of-all-trades and isn’t supposed to provide technical support to all the platforms used by the company, they have a different area of expertise.

Instead, it’s highly recommended to hire an ‘external’ expert for all the applications that are built into the company’s systems, or simply, outsource the service. The SAP AMS provider has a set of skills and knowledge to maintain the proper functioning of the company’s applications.

2. Cost efficiency

When outsourcing AMS needs, you save money for the company, as instead, you would have to hire a few specialists and pay out the employee benefits and taxes.

3. 24/7 support

Business functioning has no idle hours, thus, it requires constant technical support. SAP support and implementation services provide their expertise regardless of time and resolve issues right away. When the company team knows that the technical problems are handled by professionals, they can keep focusing only on their duties.

How is SAP AMS implemented?


Everything starts with the cooperation of engagement managers from both sides, who are responsible for making decisions and control of their implementation within the system. The order of AMS activities consists of:

  1. Transition phase — or else, preparation period. The SAP AMS team gets to know the IT landscape of the customers.
  2. Stabilization — preparation of the documents, and the course of actions to take.
  3. Operations — delivery of the services documented during the stabilization stage.
  4. Closure — the final phase of service delivery.

 How to choose a SAP AMS provider?

The global market offers a variety of outsourcing companies that can provide top-notch service. There are a few things to consider:

  1. Business model — some providers go for a fixed number of monthly requests, and thus, fixed monthly fees; some may go for an on-demand model, paying just for the time and materials used in every particular situation.
  2. Scalability of the expertise — if you are planning on extending your business, contact the provider who offers a wide spectrum of skills and levels of expertise.
  3. Experience — it is also good to give a chance to young companies, benefiting their fresh start, however, if significant figures are involved, and high volumes of work, it is better to look for experienced partners.
  4. Reviews — the Internet space gives an opportunity to check upon the credibility of a company you are willing to work with. Among top review aggregators, we would highlight Clutch, Goodfirm, and Wisefirm, as they are proven to be trustworthy sources of information. Google reviews are also worth checking, yet, they are not as detailed as specialized websites.


Let’s work through every stage together.

When you Google the SAP AMS implementation, you will have the list of the most popular companies that provide such services. What do they offer according to our list?

  1. A business model of a mixed type, ensures their dedication to any type of company and cooperation.
  2. The level of expertise is rather impressive, as they deliver SAP AMS services in more than 30 industries, covering almost every niche of business.
  3. Two decades of hands-on experience look like a good choice, as they are well aware of the outdated solutions, and know the way towards the innovative ones.
  4. According to the reviews on Clutch and Google websites, they do deliver the service they claim, scoring 4.8 points, which is just around the corner to perfection.

By analyzing the SAP AMS companies this way, you will have a clear answer about the ones to contact.

Bottom Line

SAP AMS is the demand of time. While every company implements a variety of applications to improve its performance, it is equally important to find a reliable partner who will keep the whole system working impeccably non-stop.

Don’t hesitate and contact the company, whose level of expertise will provide a top-notch functioning of your business.