Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 11 Hot Tips For Fast, Effortless Results

Like other rooms in our household, we prefer to keep our bathroom super clean and fresh to ensure a bold appearance. But not all of us know how to clean the bathroom efficiently, which gives double results.

We have come up with 11 fuss-free bathroom cleaning hacks to make this odd job easier. By implementing these quick and safe tips, you will clean your restroom in the fastest way. Please keep reading to learn them!

1. Use Shaving Foam to Clean and Defog Mirrors


Are you giving a raised eyebrow reaction after hearing it? But it is true. You can use shaving foam to remove fog and condensed moisture from your bathroom mirrors.

Simply spray it on the mirror. Use a kitchen roll to give a final finish on the mirror surface. It will give a shining and vapor-free appearance for around 15-20 days. You can also visit this website to know more about this kind of DIY cleaning hack.

2. Use Tea or Oil to Shine Your Shower Screen

Though many commercial cleaners can clean your shower screen efficiently, they are not 100% natural. You can use oil or teal as an alternative. For example, spray oil directly onto your household shower screen, let it sit for a while, and finally wash it properly with soapy water.

Or, grab a fresh and soft towel, put it inside your black tea, and finally, rub it on the shower screen. Both options are effective in removing dirt and complex white substances.

3. Provide Windows with a Fast Gleam with Vinegar

White vinegar can be a practical choice to give your bathroom windows a quick sparkle. You have to use rubbing alcohol and vinegar in an equal amount and double water.

Mix the ingredients in a spray container and spray it on the windows. Use a soft, fresh towel to get rid of the yellowish-beige appearance. It is a good rule of thumb to use the solution when no direct sunlight is coming to your bathroom windows. This will ensure no sign of residue and streaking.

4. Remove Mold from Your Shower Curtain Naturally


It is always best to let your shower curtain dry out properly when you complete your bath. This will banish the development of mold.

However, it can be a difficult task if your bathroom is full of moisture and steam. You can clean the curtain with a towel once a week for better results. Make sure to dry it thoroughly. You can consider washing the shower curtain with bicarbonate of soda and washing powder for improved cleaning.

5. Don’t Forget To Clean Your Toilet Properly

A toilet is one of the essential parts of our bathroom that needs extra care. You can make the best DIY toilet cleaners at home. Take a similar quantity of white vinegar and bicarbonate soda to make a mixture. Then pour the solution into the toilet directly. Put it on the surrounding area too.

Now, grab a toilet brush to move the solution under the rim area. Please keep it for half an hour in that condition. Then, rub hard using the brush to clean the toilet and near the area appropriately.

6. Sparkle Your Bathroom Sink Like Never Before

If your bathroom has Porcelain sinks, they need regular cleaning. These bathroom accessories are prone to get stains quickly. You better clean them every week.

A gentle cleanser should be used to give no scope of soap scum, dirt, or other things build up. Additionally, you should target deep cleaning once a month to make it unsusceptible to staining and daily wear and tear.

7. Do Simple Cleanup Tasks for Baths and Basins


Your bath and basin don’t need an extended and challenging cleaning. They are easier to clean than other parts. You can use an all-around bathroom cleaner and a fresh towel to clean them. Dirt and germs are more likely to build upon the taps and plug holes. You better focus on cleaning them too.

8. Make Sure the Grout Is Not Out Of Attention

Grout on tiles may become heavily dirty from mop water, making it discolored. Plus, dirt and grime are more likely to accumulate into the grout as it is the lowest part on the floor. You can use diluted bleach to remove the stains and discolor effect. Apply the solution to the affected areas and rub it gently using an old toothbrush.

9. Make Your Taps Like New

Every household owner thrives on having the best solution to sparkle their taps like a new one. Just because you don’t have a separate bathroom cleaner doesn’t mean you can’t give a superb cleaning.

Washing-up liquid can handle the job. Grab some cotton pads and add a small amount of white vinegar to them.

Now, use the pads to wipe all the taps, especially on the limescale buildup areas. Make sure to give a thorough rinse with hot water after cleaning.

10. Take Care of Your Bathroom Drain


Our bathrooms may have clogging issues from different things such as hair, soap, dirt, mineral buildup, small objects, etc. A drain snake can be an effective price to unclog simple blockages.

However, if the drain is clogged heavily, using effervescent indigestion tablets is better. Also, add a small portion of distilled vinegar after using tablets. Let them sit for 10-15 minutes. Finally, pour warm boiling water inside the bathroom drain to complete the task.

11. Give a Glow to Shower Heads

Various small pieces of limescale and white mineral deposits can often block showerheads. This generally happens for complex water areas. You may also experience it when not using the shower for a long time.

Take a medium-size container, add distilled vinegar, and put the removed shower head inside the container. If the showerhead has developed a hard surface layer, you should not mind adding one spoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Now, cover the entire container with an elastic bag. Keep it in that condition for at least one hour. Wash it properly through normal water. Finally, please put it back in its original place; it should work smoothly by now.