Dual-Culture Parenting: Challenges and Benefits in Immigrant Families

Making a decision to move to a foreign country is far from easy, especially when the plan is to go with your entire family, as there are many factors to consider, check and keep in mind. Of course, there are also plenty of benefits, which often get overlooked, especially regarding children, as many believe that raising kids in some foreign countries like the UK is more difficult than raising them at home. Understandably, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and the facts are there to prove that, but, once again, there are certain disadvantages. That is why we will now focus more on both perks and challenges of dual parenting for immigrants parents.


It makes the bond in the family stronger

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Another perk of raising kids in some foreign countries like the UK is that family grows together, as they are all placed under entirely new surroundings, and, depending on from which country the family comes, the cultural differences can be pretty big. Of course, the Visa application process also can strengthen the bond within one family because even though it does not last for that long, it’s still a bit stressful for the entire family. Luckily, things get much easier when one person already has UK citizenship, as getting a UK family visa is much easier and faster. The bottom line, studies have shown that immigrant families are much more stable, and the divorce rate alone is much lower with parents coming from some other country.

Exposure to multiple cultural perspectives

Raising children brings many responsibilities, such as how and what you teach them, which they will later use in life to form their own opinions, beliefs, and actions. Of course, we are all different and think in different ways, but the role of parents is extremely important for kids. Now, raising kids as an immigrant has many advantages but also some disadvantages, but one of the biggest perks is that besides teaching kids about their roots, they also have a great and direct insight into the culture of the country you currently reside in.

This can be a huge advantage toward understanding the diversity of people, as kids are more open to new and different ideas, cultures, and customs. Namely, this type of environment enriches kids’ lives, as they can more easily adapt to new surroundings. Yes, being the first generation raised in some foreign country can be a bit challenging, but the fact that learning more about your own culture and roots, along with how to act and react in life regarding other cultures, is a huge advantage. Overall, this advantage shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially today when raising awareness regarding diversity is one of the most talked about topics.

Brighter future

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The most common reason why entire families move to another country is because they believe they will have a brighter future there. Namely, more developed countries offer more opportunities for work and education, and it might be the biggest benefit one family can get, as seeking that better future is one of the most common reasons people migrate. It is important to be well informed, which is much easier now thanks to the internet, and you can easily end up doing the job of your life, as stories that immigrants cannot work in a responsible position are just a myth. The same is with children – if they are good students, they have the opportunity to finish whichever school they want and even get a stipend.


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Living between two cultures

One of the biggest challenges immigrant families face when they move to a foreign country is how to fit into the culture of the country they have moved and save their national identity. Parents must teach their children new rules about the country they live in but also try to teach them about their heritage and their own culture, which can be pretty challenging. These people sometimes might feel torn apart between two different cultures, which can cause various feelings, even the feeling that they do not have a real home, as they can be considered strangers in both countries, but dealing with such feelings in time can help with the transition and adaptation.

Language barrier

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Sometimes the language barrier can be a big challenge when moving to a foreign country, as no matter how hard we try, we can never be native. It is much easier for children, especially for younger ones, as they learn much faster, and thanks to being included in the educational system, they adjust much faster. However, it should not be the reason not to move and fulfill your dreams, as every person who wants to learn a foreign language can do it with a little effort and a strong will, so do not let the language barrier cut your wings.

Not knowing anybody

We all agree that not having any friends or family nearby can make life pretty stressful because of many reasons. It is very nice when someone can take care of our children while we need to work or when we have someone to invite to a Sunday dinner, but when one moves to a foreign country, that becomes almost impossible. The key is to start living like people around you and try to meet new people from the neighborhood, as they can easily become your new friends and make your life much more interesting and fulfilled.

Final thoughts

Everything we decide to do in our lives has benefits and flaws, and moving to another country is no exception. It is up to each family to put on paper all benefits and flaws and decide whether it is a good decision for them to go or it is better to stay where they are. We agree it is not an easy decision, and it will entirely change your lives, but the best advice we have is not to be scared to follow your dreams, as everything is going to be alright.