Best Lead Capture Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Sysems (CMS) in the world. WordPress is so well loved in large part because it allows you to have complete design freedom as you build your website with the ability to expand capability using plugins. These are mini-applications that you can attach to your website and make it capable of various productive activities.

A good example is the ability to provide a form for sending emails directly fom the website. Users of the site would find this plugin very useful. Using it, they can get in touch with various parties. Examples of these are the website admnistrators or people indicated in the website. This plugin can also be used by the visitors of the website to sign up for newsletters. In this way, they can stay current with the news emerging from the website. On the other hand, the administrators of the website can easily build an email list for marketing purposes. Here is a list of the best WordPress newsletter signup plugins available today.

Thrive Leads

This is one of the top WordPress plugins in the market for newsletter sign ups. The plugin has a wide variety of features that you can use to grow the number of subscribers to your email list. This plugin gives you a variety of opt-in forms. Examples of these are the scroll boxes and popovers. There are templates available for you in this plugin. They assist you to design your newsletter signup forms according to your desire by simply clicking and dragging. Thrive Leads has other unique features such as smart links that show product calls to action to your various subscribers after they have signed up. Another unique function is the Digital Asset Delivery (DAD) feature. This one allows you to send a downloadable file to your visitors after they have signed up. Thrive Leads can also help you to lock premium content with an opt-in form. This WordPress plugin has many other features to ensure that you are able to successfully create an email list from visitor subscriptions. This plugin costs $67. For this price you get a whole year of support and free upgrades for life.

Sign-up check boxes

The people who comment on your blog or website could be interested in learning more about your organization They would definitely be interested in subscribing to a newsletter. This plugin makes it very easy for them to accomplish this. The plugin allows them to sign up for your newsletter by simply clicking on a checkbox. Once they do this, the plugin will automatically add them to your mailing list. This plugin can be added to your WordPress registration form too. The signup checkbox is freely available from the website.


This is a plugin that is designed to assist you to create forms for newsletter signup. It can also be integrated right into the other forms in your website. Examples of these include the checkout, contact or comments forms. Once you apply MailChimp, you get an account which you can access directly for subscription statisics. All the signup forms created using MailChimp are highly user-friendly and are optimized to work on a mobile platform. Mailchimp easily interates with other plugins too. Examples of these are the MemberPress, Ninja Forms and Default WordPress Forms. The best part is that Mailchimp is available for free.


Created by the team of developers at Elegant Themes, Bloom is a plugin that can be used for list building in WordPress. It has a variety of capabilities. For example, you can use it to include opt-in forms sch as below post, popovers, fly-ins and widgets. Bloom also allows you to lock content until a visitor subscribes to your mailing list. Also, it offers you a wide variety of templates to choose from. Thus, you can pick the template that matches your website theme most closely. For $89 every year, you can get this WordPress plugin.


It is important to have an email list that has as many people on it as possible. This is because the more people you have in this list, the faster your website can grow. This translates to more revenue if you are running an e-commerce website. These plugins assist you to design and construct opt-in forms that are smart and highly capable. Some are free while others require payment. Overall, they are great investments to make for any webmaster.