Cannabis for Beginners ─ Guide to Buying Cannabis Edibles

With more countries and states legalizing cannabis use, marijuana stores and dispensaries are opening everywhere. The popularity of cannabis has risen due to its benefits in alleviating stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and Parkinson’s disease, among others. While the availability of varieties may favor cannabis aficionados, it is overwhelming and confusing to beginners.

Walking into marijuana dispensaries for the first or second time and choosing the right product can prove challenging for beginners. Depending on your intended use, you should choose different formulations, including CBD oils, topical formulations, sprays, and gummies and edibles, such as the Delta 9 gummies. Below are a few things to know before buying cannabis.

1. Learn Your State Laws


Learning both federal and state laws is crucial for cannabis beginners. You should know the state rules surrounding the sale and possession of cannabis before acquiring any. While the adoption and use of cannabis have been legalized in more than 30 states, some have stringent regulations and hefty penalties for defaulters. For instance, only ten states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis.

The hemp plant has two main cannabinoids, cannabidiol, and tetrahydrocannabinol. You should know your state laws regarding the use of these cannabinoids. For instance, California has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis. However, this doesn’t mean cannabis users can ignore federal laws guiding the use of these products, especially cannabis products with high THC levels, otherwise called psychoactive products.

2. Remember the Universal Cannabis Usage Rules

Besides learning the state and federal laws, you should also know the universal cannabis usage rules. You should know the following before buying and using weed:

  • You should be an adult to buy weed in all states. The minimum age limit for the recreational use of cannabis is 21 and 18 for medical reasons. Underage individuals can’t purchase weed.
  • Potent products are only available in dispensaries, and users should have a medical prescription to purchase them.
  • Buyers have no right to return purchased cannabis products. Whether you buy the products from dispensaries or stores, your purchase decision is final.
  • Most dispensaries and stores prefer cash purchases because banks and other financial institutions are reluctant to authorize payments for cannabis products.

3. Learn the Different Types of Cannabis Products


The different types of cannabis products include:

  • Flowers – cannabis flowers are harvested and packaged for those who like smoking weed. Smoked marijuana has a fast onset, meaning users feel the effects within minutes. Beginners should smoke cannabis cautiously.
  • Vaporized cannabis – you should consider vaporized cannabis if you don’t like smoking. Marijuana flowers are vaporized using specific devices to release potent and pleasant cannabinoid-filled vapors.
  • Cannabis edibles – edibles are marijuana-infused food items and drinks. They offer a discrete and smoke-free way of consuming cannabis. They also eliminate the raw taste of cannabis. Unfortunately, users can easily overdo edibles, as serving sizes and concentrations vary. They also have delayed onset.
  • Ingestible oils and tinctures – tinctures are extracts designed for sublingual or oral ingestion using a dropper. This administration method is discreet and allows quick absorption. However, it has potency limits, as there are limits on the number of cannabinoids that can fit one drop.
  • Topicals – topical cannabis products are applied directly to the skin to provide specific relief. They have negligible effects on the mind and won’t get you high like edibles and smoked products. They are best for pains, aches, and skin issues.

4. Differentiate Dispensaries from Stores

You should also differentiate cannabis dispensaries from stores to ease the purchase of cannabis products. Dispensaries typically only deal with medical marijuana, especially if you’re in New York, you’ll need a medical marijuana card New York to be able to purchase from these dispensaries. They don’t sell recreational marijuana to consumers and weed buyers. As such, most dispensaries require a prescription or evidence of a legitimate medical need from anyone making purchases.

That said, you should begin by visiting a doctor if you want to try cannabis to fulfill genuine medical needs. Doctors and healthcare personnel provide guidance on the proper use of cannabis to alleviate your medical issues. Doctors are also aware of the federal and state laws that guide the acquisition, consumption, and possession of marijuana for medical reasons.

On the other hand, you should consider buying weed from stores if recreational marijuana use is legalized in your state. Most stores offer diverse cannabis products from different brands with varying CBD and THC concentration levels. They also stock select concentrates and edibles, such as chocolate bars, THC gummies and weed candies.

You can also purchase cannabis products for recreational use from online stores. Most online dispensary canada stores offer free deliveries for products above specific values and secure or discreet packaging. These stores use payment gateways, such as CashApp and PayPal, to ease the completion of purchases. However, you should verify the reliability and security of the store before placing your orders.

5. Safe Consumption of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles


Cannabis edibles are undoubtedly the most popular marijuana formulation on the market currently. Along with making cautious purchases, you should also learn how to consume them safely. Below are the tips for the safe consumption of cannabis edibles:

  • Start slow – THC levels vary significantly between cannabis edibles. It isn’t uncommon to find chocolate bars and other edibles with more than 100mg of THC. While seasoned users can comfortably handle edibles with 150mg THC, beginners often find it unbearable. Before consuming edibles, ensure that you know their THC concentrations. Most people can tolerate 5mg without side effects, but sensitive first-timers should start with 2.5mg.
  • Consume edibles on a full stomach – You should avoid eating cannabis edibles on an empty stomach. This often leads to overconsumption and potentially overdosing. Like alcohol, cannabis edibles are better taken with a meal.
  • Take edibles in comfortable environments – You should be in a safe and relaxing environment when taking edibles. Unlike CBD, THC causes anxiety and paranoia. Taking them in an unfamiliar environment can worsen these symptoms.
  • Never mix cannabis with alcohol – Marijuana and alcohol don’t complement each other’s high. If you want to try edibles, avoid alcohol for some hours or days to avoid a bad trip.
  • Don’t drive or operate machinery after consuming marijuana – Cannabis products, especially edibles, have delayed onset. Users can start feeling the effects after two hours. Consuming cannabis can lead to impaired judgment when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Use An Edible Calculator

Navigating the realm of cannabis edibles can be a bit daunting, especially for those new to the scene. An edible calculator can be a valuable tool in this adventure, ensuring users determine the correct dosage for their unique requirements.

By entering specific details, the edible calculator offers a recommended dose, helping to prevent the pitfalls of taking too much. Consuming the right amount is crucial for a favorable experience and to steer clear of potential adverse reactions.

It’s worth noting that edibles often deliver a longer-lasting and more pronounced effect compared to other methods of consumption. Hence, leveraging an edible calculator paves the way for a secure and enjoyable journey with cannabis edibles.


While buying cannabis is a personal experience, you should learn some basics to avoid doing it wrong. You should not only buy cannabis products that you find appealing but also consider their effects based on cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Beginners should consult seasoned users and doctors for the safe consumption of cannabis edibles.