A Beginner’s Glossary of Vaping Terms

Vaping Glossary

Getting used to the world of vaping can be challenging. Whether you’ve been a smoker for years or this is the first time you’ve inhaled anything other than air into your lungs, it’s important to get on board with all the slang, lingo, and technical terminology surrounding vaporizers and vaping in general. Check out the 23 most important vaping terms you need to know…

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Intermittent Fasting: The Good, the Bad and the Hungry

guide to intermittent fasting

Why has intermittent fasting become the latest health craze?

Chances are you know someone who’s trying this popular diet to bust through a weight loss plateau or get better gains from workouts, but does intermittent fasting really work for these goals? Is it safe for everyone? Can it really turn you into some kind of lean, fat-burning superhero like some proponents are saying?

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Isotonic vs. Isometric Exercise: Definitions, Examples and Benefits

isotonic vs isometric exercise

Incorporating a variety of exercises into your workout routine maximizes the benefit you get out of each session. By hitting multiple muscle groups in different ways and from different angles, you build strength through a full range of motion and increase endurance so that you can do more in future workouts. Continue Reading “Isotonic vs. Isometric Exercise: Definitions, Examples and Benefits”

Are Sex Dolls Sex Positive?

realistic sex dolls

“Jeff” decided to turn to sex toys and eventually sex dolls after facing too much frustration in the dating world. Lemm was bullied growing up, causing him to become introverted and rely on imaginary friends as a child and sex dolls as an adult for “human” companionship. Ozaki turned to a sex dolls for intimacy after the spark left his marriage. “Michael” commissioned a sex doll that would take his foot fetish one step further… Continue Reading “Are Sex Dolls Sex Positive?”

The No BS Guide to Cannabidiol (CBD): Information, Uses, Side Effects and Laws

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is hailed by many as a “miracle cure” for everything from obesity to cancer. As one of over 80 active cannabinoids in the hemp plant, CBD exerts specific effects on the body and may have benefits for some conditions, but the current science doesn’t always support widely touted health claims. Continue Reading “The No BS Guide to Cannabidiol (CBD): Information, Uses, Side Effects and Laws”

Ketosis in Perspective: Thinking Twice About the Keto Diet Fad

ketogenic diet

Fad diets come in cycles, fluctuating to match popular prevailing attitudes toward nutrition. Fear of dietary fat spurred the creation of dozens of “fat free” processed snacks, but it wasn’t long before carbohydrates took center stage as dietary villains. Fast on the heels of the low-carb trend, the media declared fat to be vindicated and put butter back on the menu. Continue Reading “Ketosis in Perspective: Thinking Twice About the Keto Diet Fad”