6 Benefits of Strength Training for Your Health & Fitness

Fitness is much more than just weight loss and cardio exercises. One of the most essential elements of a good fitness regime is strength training. Lean muscle mass reduces with age, but regular resistance training helps you get stronger and rebuilds the lost muscle mass. Even though a lot of people associate strength training with […]

7 Health Reasons to Drink Coffee

A lot of people jump start their day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It is the second most traded commodity in the world next to oil. Studies show that people consume 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day, showing that perking up with a steaming java brew bridges cultural norms. Getting your caffeine fix […]

Breaking The Porn Addiction Cycle

The pornographic industry handles billions of dollars of revenue every year in the United States alone. Worldwide, this number almost doubles. On top of that, pornographic websites make up 12% of the websites on the internet, with a quarter of all search engine requests related to pornography. This isn’t surprising considering that one study found […]

Intermittent Fasting: The Good, the Bad and the Hungry

Why has intermittent fasting become the latest health craze? Chances are you know someone who’s trying this popular diet to bust through a weight loss plateau or get better gains from workouts, but does intermittent fasting really work for these goals? Is it safe for everyone? Can it really turn you into some kind of […]

Are Sex Dolls Sex Positive?

“Jeff” decided to turn to sex toys and eventually sex dolls after facing too much frustration in the dating world. Lemm was bullied growing up, causing him to become introverted and rely on imaginary friends as a child and sex dolls as an adult for “human” companionship. Ozaki turned to a sex dolls for intimacy […]

Yoga vs. Pilates: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, yoga and Pilates seem very similar. They’re both forms of low-impact training with a focus on combining breath, focus and mental awareness with physical movement. However, when it comes to fitness, is one better than the other?

The Truth About How Long It Takes to Lose Weight

When you begin a weight loss journey, it’s natural to want a clear timeline for achieving your goal. However, “how long does it take to lose weight?” is the wrong question to ask. It suggests taking a temporary approach to a complex problem. Gaining weight happens over time, and weight loss should also be a […]

Ketosis in Perspective: Thinking Twice About the Keto Diet Fad

Fad diets come in cycles, fluctuating to match popular prevailing attitudes toward nutrition. Fear of dietary fat spurred the creation of dozens of “fat free” processed snacks, but it wasn’t long before carbohydrates took center stage as dietary villains. Fast on the heels of the low-carb trend, the media declared fat to be vindicated and […]

5 Easy Exercises to Unlock Tight Hip Flexors (with videos)

From desk jockeys to endurance athletes, just about everyone suffers from tight hip flexors at some point. The muscles in and around your hip joint could be responsible for your back pain, the funny twinge in your knee or the tension you feel every time you do crunches. When you understand the underlying cause of […]