These Inflatable Paddle Boards are Great Fun and Perfect for Beginners

If you vacationed near a body of water recently or live in an area where water sports are popular, you’re probably familiar with paddle boarding. Developed in Hawaii, this sport has increased in popularity in recent years among people of all ages and can be enjoyed just about anywhere water is found. Continue Reading “These Inflatable Paddle Boards are Great Fun and Perfect for Beginners”

Realistic Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaurs hold a special place among all the subjects that fire people’s imaginations. So many kids go through a period of being obsessed with dinosaurs that is practically its own developmental stage. (One has to ask: what was the big toddler craze before we had dinosaur fossils?) Adults are hardly immune to dinosaur fever, as the $5 billion Jurassic Park franchise can attest. And while dinosaur costumes are a mainstay of Halloween and science-museum gift-shops, most of them are unimpressive, even to children. Continue Reading “Realistic Dinosaur Costumes”