Dog Kennel Essentials ─ Must-Have Features For A Functional And Comfortable Enclosure

Everyone deserves a home, including your dog. A dog kennel provides safety, security, and comfort for your dog. The kennel also helps to establish a routine for your dog, prevent destructive behavior, and ensure security.

The kennel comes in various sizes and patterns. You have to select a single dog kennel that your furry friend feels at home in. The ideal kennel helps with potty training. It helps them stay calm when alone, as they feel secure in their den.

Features For A Dog Kennel

Finding the right dog kennel can be difficult. Therefore, certain points should be considered while choosing the right dog kennel. The right size, material, flooring, and roofing have to be considered before purchasing the kennel.

Appropriate Dog Kennel Size

The size of the kennel must be such that the dog has space to stand, stretch, and lie down. It must not be too small to cause discomfort or too spacious to soil the area. The buyer must consider the height, width, and weight of the dog before buying a kennel.

Length Of The Dog Kennel

To find the appropriate length of the dog kennel, you must first measure the length of your dog. The distance from the nose tip to the tail when the dog stands plus 4 to 5 inches is the required kennel length.

Height Of The Dog Kennel

To find the appropriate height of the dog kennel, you must first measure the height of your dog. The distance from the floor to the top of the head when the dog sits plus 2 to 4 inches is the requisite height of the kennel.

Weight Limit Of The Dog Kennel

The dog kennel must be picked as per the weight of the dog. Every dog kennel has a weight limit recommended by the manufacturer. You must ensure that your dog meets the suggested weight limit.


Dog Kennel Material

You can choose a metal, plastic, polyester, or wooden kennel depending on your preference. Each kennel type has its own significance.

Metal Dog Kennel

It has panels and multiple doors. The metal kennel has a wire mesh that provides adequate ventilation. You can easily clean and assemble the kennel.

Plastic Dog Kennel

The plastic kennel is also easy to clean. It has the added advantage of being portable. It is not as ventilated as a metal kennel and is preferred if your dog loves privacy. The kennel is also flight-friendly.

Polyester Dog Kennel

They are best suited for puppies, and they also have the advantage of portability. They are lightweight and easy to store.

Wooden Dog Kennel

Preferred for durability and aesthetics. They can also act as nightstands or side tables.

Secure Dog Kennel

The kennel must be strong enough to provide protection and security. It must be made of durable materials. The kennel must have secure latch mechanisms to prevent your dog from escaping or keeping intruders out. It must be strong and not have sharp cutting edges or a gap.

Kennel Ventilation

An enclosed space will suffocate anyone, and your dog would rather not stay in the kennel. A well-ventilated kennel must be your first choice.


Temperature Regulation In Kennel

The changing weather affects your dog as much as it affects you. A temperature regulator inside the kennel will provide warmth in cold climates and keep the kennel cool in warm weather conditions.

Kennel Flooring

The floor of the kennel should be nonslippery and comfortable. A rubber mat is preferred for cushioning. Add a bed inside the kennel to provide insulation from the ground. Try to make the space as cozy and comfortable as possible. You can also add toys and blankets.

Kennel Shelter

Your dog needs protection from snow, rain, hailstorms, and excessive sunlight as much as you do. The shelter must be water-proof and UV resistant, so your dog can comfortably rest there.

Water And Food Dispensers

The kennel must have space for water and food dispensers. They must be easily accessible and should be easily cleaned and refilled.

Easy Maintenance

A kennel made of metal or plastic can be maintained easily. The dog kennel must be made of washable materials and have easily removable parts. The kennels can get dirty frequently, especially during potty training.


Durability Of Kennel

The dogs can be steady or messy in the kennel. Due to this, a sturdy kennel is selected that will stand for a long time. A wire-meshed kennel helps keep a close watch from anywhere in the room.

Multiple Doors

A multiple-door kennel is preferred for easy access. You can place it anywhere in your home. It will also help older dogs with mobility issues. A top door works best if you have a puppy.

Kennel Training Aids

The kennel training aids help you manage it effectively. It will improve the experience and make the kennel more comfortable.

Kennel Toys

A chewable toy in the kennel will keep your dog busy and help them become accustomed to the kennel.

Kennel Tray

The kennel tray will help with potty training and easy clean-up of the kennel.

Kennel Panels or dividers

The kennels may or may not come with a divider. You can customize it at your convenience.


Age Of The Dog

The puppies chew and leave a mess, so a chew-proof cage is preferred for them. In contrast, for older dogs, a floor-level kennel with multiple doors is chosen.

Kennel Portability

The kennel must be portable with wheels and handles. It will help you while traveling with your dog or switching the kennel position.

Kennel Visibility

Some dogs prefer a wired mesh kind of kennel to have outside visibility. It reduces their anxiety. Some dogs choose their own private space to relax.

Few kennels have see-through designs; others have see-through configurations only on the front and back, respecting your dog’s space.


The kennel features might differ as per your dog’s breed, size, and weather. The comfort and security of your dog are priorities. A cozy bed, a tasty snack, and a toy are all your dog needs to get used to the new den. A secure kennel with adequate space and proper ventilation is essential for the comfort and safety of your dog.