Is G2A a Legit and Safe Place to Buy Game Keys?

is g2a legit?

If you enjoy playing computer games, it’s likely that you’ve heard of G2A. G2A is an online marketplace connecting buyers to sellers of game keys and digital assets such as 3-D models and Steam skins. It is similar to the popular marketplace CDKeys. According to, G2A is in the top 1,000 most popular websites in the world. Much of G2A’s popularity comes from the fact that the website’s prices for game keys are among the lowest anywhere. G2A also attracts traffic with promotional products such as loot boxes. Buying a G2A loot box gives you a chance to win a game for well below its normal price.


How Does G2A Work?

G2A is an online marketplace that works similarly to eBay or the Amazon Marketplace. G2A provides the commerce platform and payment processing for sellers who want to offer digital goods. G2A doesn’t sell products; it facilitates the sales. G2A earns money primarily from payment processing and value-added services.

Some people refer to G2A as a gray market website because most of the merchants are not game developers or authorized resellers. Although “gray market” may sound like a pejorative term, the term also applies to online marketplaces such as eBay. If you buy a watch on eBay, for example, you might buy from a private owner or a small business specializing in used watches. Either way, the maker of the watch doesn’t authorize the transaction and earns no money from it.

Why Are Game Keys on G2A So Cheap?

How Most Gray Market Game Key Sales Work

Downloadable computer software is a digital good that costs almost nothing to copy and distribute. As such, the cost of software can vary. Game developers often charge different prices to customers in different regions on the world because consumers in developing nations often have less disposable income than consumers in developed nations such as the United States. Some sellers on G2A take advantage of that fact by buying inexpensive game keys intended for developing nations and reselling those keys at higher prices on G2A.

During events such as the yearly Steam Sale, G2A sellers will often buy game keys in bulk with the intention of reselling them. In some cases, G2A sellers may even negotiate directly with game developers to secure special prices for bulk key purchases.

Some Gray Market Game Key Sellers Aren’t Entirely Honest

Sometimes, sellers on G2A charge low prices for keys because they purchased those keys with money that didn’t belong to them. In 2016, a Brazilian hacker used stolen credit card numbers to purchase game keys from the independent game developer MangaGamer. The hacker earned more than $500 selling the fraudulent keys, and he did not go to prison for the crime. Because the chargeback process can take up to 30 days to complete, some thieves have used G2A as an avenue for money laundering. By the time the chargebacks start happening, the thieves have already profited. In addition to losing $40 from each fraudulent sale, MangaGamer also had to pay its credit card processor $30 for each chargeback. The company lost thousands of dollars and was dropped by its payment processor.

Some G2A sellers have obtained game keys by posing as YouTube personalities. Many of YouTube’s most popular channels feature game-related content, so developers will often provide free game keys to YouTube personalities in exchange for online exposure. In 2014, a game developer posed as a YouTube celebrity and asked software developers for free game keys. He received 16 game keys with a total retail value of more than $400.

Hacking is another technique that some have used to obtain game keys. In 2014, developer Wadjet Eye Games temporarily offered free keys for one of its titles. More than 30,000 keys were obtained after the offer expired because some people exploited a flaw in the developer’s website.

Is G2A Legit?

Yes, G2A is legit. A game developer cannot dictate where you can buy its products, and there is nothing illegal about buying a game key for less than the retail price. While a gray market website may sometimes circumvent a game developer’s approved distribution channels, buying a game key from a reseller on G2A is not illegal unless the reseller obtained the key fraudulently.

Although a developer can’t control where its keys are sold, the developer does have the right to revoke fraudulent keys. Some developers have petitioned Steam and other game marketplaces to disable keys obtained through fraud. It is possible that you could try to load a game on Steam one day only to find that it no longer works. It is also possible that you could buy a non-working game key on G2A. Although G2A does offer some dispute resolution services to customers, the company doesn’t guarantee that keys will work or that they will never stop working, and there are certainly many complaints online from buyers who have ended up paying for a key they can’t use, it is the same for any peer to peer marketplace. For this reason buying from somewhere like CDKeys maybe a smarter choice.

Is G2A Safe?

is it safe to buy on

Yes, G2A is safe as long as you take the usual precautions when buying anything online from another individual. In this respect it is no different to eBay. When you buy game keys from G2A, there is no risk to your computer. On the G2A marketplace, you’ll find keys for major game platforms such as Steam and Origin. The games will not contain viruses. Buying from G2A does carry some financial risk, though, in that you may end up with a game key that doesn’t work or stops working in the future. Is G2A safe? G2A serves at least 5 million customers yearly, and most of those transactions result in happy customers. There are many online complaints, though, from customers who didn’t receive working game keys and didn’t get their money back. For this reason we tend to steer people toward CDKeys as a safer alternative.

What Are the Risks of Buying G2A Games?

The majority of the G2A game keys come from sales, bulk deals or online marketplaces intended for other regions. Buying keys obtained in any of those ways is legal, and there is no risk to you in doing so. However, some of the game keys offered on G2A may have been purchased with stolen credit cards. Fraudulent software keys are stolen goods. You do not have the right to own a stolen game key — even if you purchased the key without knowing its origin. Game developers have invalidated thousands of keys on G2A due to credit card fraud.

What Can I Do to Keep Myself Safe When Buying Games on G2A?

Although G2A has received many complaints from developers and customers about its selling practices, the company has taken steps in recent years to improve customer safety. In the past, sellers on G2A were anonymous. Today, sellers must verify their identities using their phones, email addresses and social media accounts. The best way to keep yourself safe on G2A is to check a seller’s history and feedback before buying. Like eBay, G2A allows you to see how many transactions a seller has completed. Customer feedback can help you determine whether the keys that the seller offers actually work.

You may also increase your safety on G2A by becoming a G2A Shield subscriber. G2A Shield costs €1 per month or €3 per individual game purchase. Some of the benefits of G2A Shield include:

  • Satisfaction guarantee for all purchases
  • Dedicated chat support and reduced response time for email support
  • Cash back for some purchases

Although becoming a G2A Shield member may improve your experience as a G2A user, the program has received some criticism from people who believe that one should not have to pay extra money for improved customer service. In addition, some have criticized the G2A Shield service for being extremely difficult to cancel. Also, it is important to note that becoming a G2A Shield member does not give you fraud protection or assurance that purchased keys will work — it only gives you a faster response from customer service if you want to file a transaction dispute.

What Is G2A Doing to Keep Customers Safe?

As mentioned above, sellers on G2A are no longer anonymous. A seller cannot market games on G2A without providing his or her mailing address, phone number, email address and social media identity. G2A’s verification process greatly deters casual fraud. Although it may be possible to circumvent the process using throwaway phones and fake social media profiles, the same is true on any other online marketplace. G2A Shield may also help to improve the buying experience.

G2A Publisher Program

Another recent change is that G2A now allows publishers to sell game codes on the G2A marketplace. If a publisher sells codes for a game on G2A, you’ll see that publisher’s listing at the top of the page when viewing that game. If you buy a game code directly from the game’s publisher, you can buy with certainty that the game code is valid and will not face revocation in the future.

The G2A publisher program gives game developers the ability to earn revenue from G2A game sales. Whether a buyer purchases a game code from the publisher or a third-party seller, the publisher will receive 10 percent of the revenue after joining the G2A publisher program.

Although the G2A publisher program lets publishers earn revenue from transactions that previously generated no income for game developers, some publishers have expressed dissatisfaction with the program because the revenue share is so small. On Steam, for example, developers keep 70 percent of the revenue that their games generate. Since the revenue share on G2A is so small — and games typically sell for less than the standard retail price on the platform — developers don’t stand to earn much money by signing up. G2A also asks developers to join the program if they want G2A to investigate stolen game keys — a practice that YouTube personality John “TotalBiscuit” Bain has called a “protection racket.”

Sites like G2A

G2A is only one of many websites where you can buy computer games online. Each website has its own features and game selection, so it’s worthwhile to examine them all before deciding which website to patronize. Following are the top websites like G2A that are worth looking at…

CDKeys is a website where you can buy codes for games, subscriptions, and extra content for discounted prices — for whatever console you need. With many up and coming additional releases, is an excellent option for buying digital keys.

G2A vs CDKeys

g2a vs cdkeys

CDKeys and G2A both provide fast and simple access to digital keys for various products and platforms, it’s easy to find, buy, and sell the products you want. While G2A might be the most widely known website to use for buying and selling digital product keys, CDKeys is a safe and secure alternative. has a higher trustpilot rating than G2A, suggesting that it is a alternative to the other website. With a 4.4 out of 5 rating (compared to G2A’s 4 out of 5 rating), it might be new but it’s growing fast.

With many secure payment methods and a full money back guarantee, CDKeys is here to serve the gaming community’s needs with a fresh slate.


With over 125 million active accounts, Steam is the most popular online marketplace for computer gamers. Game company Valve launched Steam in 2003 as the distribution and key verification system for the PC game “Half-Life 2.” Valve also uses Steam as service for matchmaking, cheating prevention and patch distribution for online games such as “Counter-Strike.” At the time of writing, there are nearly 25,000 products available for purchase on Steam.

Steam vs G2A Games

g2a vs steam

Steam is both a game marketplace and a digital distribution channel. When you buy a game on Steam, it becomes a part of your game library forever — even if you remove the game from your computer. Since Steam also provides matchmaking services for online games, finding others with whom to play is never a problem. Developers sell their games directly to buyers on Steam, so you can buy a game on Steam without fearing that the key might be stolen or fraudulent. The prices on Steam tend to be higher than the prices on G2A, but Steam has a large yearly sale during which buyers can purchase deeply discounted games.


Kinguin is similar to G2A in that both websites use third-party sellers to provide their game inventories. As with G2A, you will not know the origin of any game key that you buy on Kinguin. Although most of the game keys available on both marketplaces are legal, publishers earn little or no money from the sales. If you’re considering Kinguin vs G2A when buying games online, you should generally buy from the marketplace that offers your desired game for the lowest price because the business practices of the two websites are essentially the same.

Kinguin vs G2A

g2a vs kinguin

Like G2A, Kinguin offers fee-based buyer protection that adds 10 percent to the purchase price of a game. With Kinguin’s buyer protection, Kinguin will “defend your purchase against fakes.” Kinguin does not explicitly state, though, that you’ll receive a refund if you purchase a non-working game key. The primary differences between G2A and Kinguin are that the marketplaces attract different sellers and therefore offer games at different prices. If you are not concerned about the origin of a game key that you’d like to buy, you can buy from either marketplace with the confidence that your game key will most likely work.


Like G2A games, G2Play is an online marketplace on which you can buy game keys from resellers. Although the prices that you’ll pay on G2Play will generally be well below retail prices, you will not know the origin of any key that you buy. Many of the game keys on G2Play are legal in that they were purchased in other regions or during sales. However, there is a chance that some of the keys on G2Play are fraudulent and will not work.

G2Play vs G2A

g2a vs g2play

One difference between G2Play and G2A is that G2Play has a wide selection of game keys for consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Purchasing a console game key on G2Play entitles you to download the game from the console’s built-in game downloading system. G2Play offers a promotion through which you can buy a random game on a marketplace such as Steam or Origin for less than the regular price. At the time of writing, random game keys on G2Play start at $1.06 each.

G2Play does not guarantee that purchased keys are legitimate or will work. However, the G2Play FAQ section offers a potential resolution for buyers who purchase fraudulent keys. According to the FAQ, you should contact G2Play’s customer service team if a key does not work. You should attach screen captures showing the game key and the error message that you see when you attempt to activate the key. You should also attach a picture of your game library showing that your library does not contain the game in question.


GOG began life as Good Old Games in 2008. As Good Old Games, GOG specialized in selling vintage MS-DOS games updated to run on modern Windows computers. Although GOG now sells a large selection of current games, the website’s library of vintage classics remains available. If you’d like to buy a game made by a defunct publisher such as Sierra or Origin, GOG is the game marketplace for you.

Like Steam, GOG only sells game keys that publishers have sanctioned. You can buy on GOG without fear that a game key will not work. In addition, all GOG games are DRM-free. After you buy and download a game, you can play the game on any computer that you own. Unless a game has multiplayer features, it will function properly without an active Internet connection.

GOG vs G2A

g2a vs gog

Although GOG is less popular than Steam, it is one of the world’s largest game marketplaces. You can find keys for both GOG and Steam on G2A. As with Steam, many of the prices for current games on GOG will be higher than those on G2A. However, there is no chance of buying a fraudulent or stolen key on GOG.

47 thoughts on “Is G2A a Legit and Safe Place to Buy Game Keys?

  1. For me G2a & gamivo are same same. it’s more about the sellers than the websites.
    I used coupon codes to buy from both and in both cases i recieved my cdkeys
    So for me at least all was good :p

  2. G2A is a grey market site where you do not know where your keys are coming from. There is a reason steam bans G2A kinguin and other greymarket CD key sites on there forums, while allowing Legitmate Key Sites such as GMG and Gaming Planet.

    Stop telling people to use grey market key sites.

    1. Hi PanicFire, did you read the article? We are not telling people to use G2A, we’ve tried to be very clear about the risks so that consumers can make up their own minds.

  3. I bought a key from G2A, seller Zillakami on 3 February. I tried to use it, but was redeemed. I discussed with Microsoft and they sent me via email an evidence that the key was used on 1 February.
    Now the seller is not responding to my messages, and g2a says that is not their fault and can not help me.

    1. I recommend contacting your card issuer and requesting a chargeback to pull the money back from g2a. You have purchased a digital good and under the 2015 UK Consumer Rights Act you must receive the goods in full, as described. Provide screenshots as evidence as well as the purchase receipt. g2a has facilitated a fraudulent transaction and as the merchant they can be legally held accountable for it. The grade of customer service you have received is, quite frankly, disgraceful. I hope you manage to reclaim the funds.

  4. Dont trust this service. I brought a steam key for PUBG on 5 Feb 2019 but it was already used. I tried to contact seller as well as g2a support, but no reply till date. Never gonna use g2a again. And my suggestion to everyone is that better buy a slightly expensive keys from steam or other services directly but never trust these guys at g2a…
    I tried to order from (96% positive)

    but ended up ordering here (Unknown status now)

    just notice the end of the URL an aditional “?aid=11924559”. Now the one without “?aid=11924559” is available and with it is temp down….

  5. I have a technical question, I’ll be grateful to whom could answer it.
    The article says: “Steam is both a game marketplace and a game platform. ”
    I was wondering if is correct “platform” or you meant “digital distribution.”
    (Platform should be pc, ps4, xbox one right?)

    1. Hi Marco, you know…you might be right. I think you could argue the semantics of the word but in the common vernacular “platform” is typically used to describe difference between PC, PS and Xbox. Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. A lot of the keys here are obtained by scams.

    People will impersonate big YouTube or twitch streamers promising reviews etc in exchange for keys e.g. on once they have their keys they immediately sell them on g2a.

    They didn’t pay for them and aren’t entitled to resell them at all as they are free for press use. A free market does not elevate these people above their license agreement.

    1. Hi Craig, thanks for the comment. Is this a wide spread problem? It’s definitely wrong but seems like that could only be a small number of people and a small number of keys because presumably they can only scam keys one at a time in this way? I don’t mean to discount the possibility this is the case, just curious if it is a big problem.

  7. G2A it self will scam you, I have fully deleted my account and removed my payment information but they still charge me and inactivity fee every month. I have to go to my bank to get this resolved as the g2a customer service ignores me or tries to claim that they haven’t charged me. DO NOT USE THERE SERVICE, they will continue to charge you for years to come for simply not logging regardless if you have an account or not!

  8. NO! G2A is not legit.
    NO! G2A is NOT safe.
    NO! G2A is DEFINTIELY dodgy.

    My Anti VIrus license key has been used 10 times and blocked by the devloper. When I contacted the dev they said there is nothing they can do and G2A are NOT authorised to sell those keys and are BREAKING THE LAW.

    I have contacted G2A repeatedly over the last two weeks and logged a ticket on their customer services form they have not even bothered to reply.


    1. Hi Mike, that sounds horrible, and bad form that G2A havn’t responded. I’m curious about the seller you purchased from. Did they have a good seller feedback? G2A is a marketplace like eBay so there will be some bad actors.

  9. As far as I know most of the g2a keys are legit, devs are mostly upset because they’ve given away keys to bundles, giveaways etc and they’re resold later for less than asking price.

  10. The recent information shows that G2A is dodgy as crap and support (through in action) Credit Card fraud.

    1. Hi Morgan, I’ve approved your comment, but would really appreciate it if you can provide some links to the latest information you refer to. It is really important that such claims are backed up by solid evidence. Thanks.

  11. Are there numbers for the amount of failed keys transacted through G2A?

    If they process thousands of keys monthly, it’s inevitable there will be some fraudulent items. Just like ebay or any other marketplace.

  12. I just ordered a shark card for GTA and right after I bought it me account was blocked for “suspicious activity” and I got an email from
    For me to weight g2a on a paper a pic of me licences and my credit card and other personal stuff for “security purposes” and I’m not giving them that info. Can someone see if this is legit. Because I dont trust it

    1. Hi Sean, did you reply to the Zohodesk ticket and express your concern about supplying that information? What did they say. It does sound unusual.

  13. G2A’s money-back guarantee is basically a scam. If you want your money back you have to file a case with local police and scan the documents to G2A. It is kind of obvious that trying to file anything smaller than 50 EUR you will get laughed at the police station and clearly G2A is taking advantage of it.

    1. Hi Kamil, I agree it seems unlikely anyone will file a police report for something worth <50EUR. But on the other hand do other marketplaces like eBay offer a money back guarantee?

  14. Thanks for the article. It helped a lot.

    So in order to buy from G2A I need to look for a publisher (if applicable), check rates and customers’ review and no need for a shield service.

    Eventually I have to keep in my mind there will be a risk of getting a non working key.

  15. hi bridget, thanks for your write up. wanted to say here that since december of 2017 i have more than 40 purchases on g2a, all except two of which worked and g2a customer service sent me my money back in less than 3 days. I have only ever purchased from sellers with 1k+ sales and atleast 90% satisfaction. ttypically if theres a seller available for one or two more dollars with a near perfect rating, ill just go with that seller.

  16. It seems like this article is a defense of the legitimacy of G2A. I admit I used to use sites like this long ago but now would not touch one. I primarily use the ones that are legally recognized by publishers and creators, mainly GMG. I found this article off search after reading a reddit post that led me to the G2A forums of all the people that not only got ripped off but some have been banned from major publishing sites. I personally got to much invested in my online games to risk this. Only posting this to give you an alternate view, I would say devils advocate but I believe that was the original article.

  17. No G2A is no longer safe. It was years ago, but it’s not now. I got scammed during checkout; automatically enrolled in their “plus” service for around $3/mo. It never showed on my screen, yet they insisted that I enrolled for their 7-day “free” trial. I DID NOT. I just buy cheap <$5 games there.

    End result. They had been billing my paypal account for around 12 months before I caught it in a quarterly statement. I knew to usually uncheck the insurance on the purchase for cheap games, so as to not get billed extra for cheap games, sometimes the insurance as much as the game in order to protect against a bad key. But there forced enrolled is a whole new form of fraud to ensnare people during checkout (especially if you're using ADBlocker).

    My lifetime advice, AVOID G2A, stick with Kinguin, InstantGaming, HumbleBundle, or any of the other main re-sellers that don't pull this. There's tons of other sites you can find other than G2A that show up on searches.

    G2A used to be fine. NOT ANYMORE. I got no acknowledgement from G2A customer service other than read the terms and conditions. Not rude, but no acknowledgement that they're automatically enrolling people during checkout. Only cost me $30 by missing their unapproved monthly billings on my account, but ironically I'd only spent around $14 over that past year. So I wound up paying 200 percent more for those games on average.

    G2A is going bankrupt soon with scam policies like the one I got snagged by. Don't risk saving a few pennies buying off their site when there are so many other re-sellers to choose from.

    Good luck shopping.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hate when this stuff happens. Did you get to the bottom of exactly how you were automatically enrolled? I can imagine them pre-checking the insurance option, a little like many travel booking sites do, but I can’t imagine them purposefully hiding the opt-in it from view, that would be a very shitty thing to do and would ultimately backfire big time. You mentioned ad-blockers…is it possible that the ad-blocker caused this field to not be visible? That also seems unlikely, but would be a BIG problem if that was the case. Also, was the Insurance billed automatically monthly or were you charged in one lump sum for the whole year?

  18. This article is a joke. I recently purchased two games from g2a and only received one. I spent the week waiting to start their money back guarantee and another 3 days for a response afterwards. They told me not receiving a key is a “payment issue” and immediately closed my ticket. I can not open another claim to get my money back as they have closed it. Now I am forced to open a paypal dispute to get my money back. Don’t use their shitty service if you don’t want to risk having them take your money and refuse to give you the product you paid for or a refund. And yes, Bridget, the seller was highly rated.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Shane, and I’m sorry to hear your experience has been so bad. I’m curious what was the supposed “payment issue”? Seems like if the transaction went through on PayPal then their support team are willfully ignoring a genuine complaint, and that is truly shitty.

  19. I bought a version of Microsoft Office from G2A which clearly stated it was a version suitable for Australia. However, when I tried to activate Australia was not one of the listed countries (neither was USA or UK). Microsoft confirmed it was not a version that could be activated in Australia. G2A was totally useless in addressing the problem, claiming it was “the supplier” who was responsible and not them and creating one excuse after another for not giving a refund. G@A are complete scam artists – do not buy from them.

    1. Hi Geoffrey, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. That is indeed the problem with buying from G2A, you are not actually buying from them, you are buying from a third party, some of which are less than reliable. G2A is a marketplace like eBay so you are buying from vendors on the platform. That said, G2A should absolutely provide more buyer protection.

      For this reason I recommend buying from CDKeys these days, as they source and sell the keys themselves and so can be relied upon to provide some service as well.

  20. G2A is neither legit nor safe. Lately they show their true colors. Never receiving my codes and the costumor service doesn’t do anything about it, they just continue to allow scammers to sell and do not reprimand.

  21. Sad to read stuff like this. G2A is obviously a scam site and “reviews” like this do not help. Googling about this your site pop ups in the snippet as “Is G2A Legit? Yes, G2A is legit. ” From your site. Yet G2A has been scamming people for years and costing developers a lot of money in chargebacks. This has been proven again and again.

    Please redo your research and post an update, this time considering the developers and customers point of view.

    1. Oh I forgot. Sure it is “legal” but in a sense that they for some reason cannot get sued or arrested, not that their practices are ok. Customers and devs are still getting ripped off.
      I am sure I could steal something and not get caught due to some loopholes and call myself legit, same thing.
      Buy your keys from legit sellers as Steam, Amazon, Fanatical, Greenmangaming etc.

      1. Hi Andreas, I am totally aware of the many complaints about G2A, but does that mean it isn’t a legit marketplace? Is it any less legit than other p2p markets like eBay where you can also buy game keys? I am not trying to wind you up I promise, I’m asking the question because it seems to me (perhaps wrongly) that G2A is as legit as any other p2p marketplace where you can buy game keys. Isn’t the real problem the extent to which there are scammers on G2A, because you are buying from them not from G2A itself. I don’t doubt that G2A has a problem with scammers, but so does any platform and I have to think that they do try to remove scammers from the platform because their presence is ultimately bad for the G2A platform and business.

        Maybe I’m wrong about all this, but I feel like G2A comes up against a lot of negative press as a platform because it is popular so is the biggest target for scammers. If G2A went away though those scammers would just move somewhere else. Of course this supports your argument that people should buy from more direct sources rather than p2p marketplaces, and that is certainly safer, but it doesn’t make the marketplaces illegitimate.

        If I am missing something here please help me understand.

  22. Hello I bought a game from G2A
    I cant play the game and requested for a refund.
    And they say . SORRY NO REFUND.
    I find this site is rather unreliable

  23. G2A is the number one scam site
    I have purchase using my card, one day later they used my card details and taken USD 40/-, by the name by ASIA PACIFIC BRIDGE, INMI AMI US. I blocked my card immediately and after that my bank informed me two more payment came to my account.
    Also their customer service is well experienced in handling this.
    So don’t buy from G2A

  24. They are scammers! The sellers are individual on the site and is not protected by law. Well, for me, the seller refunded (to the balance) me after the code was invalid, BUT, I am unable to withdraw the money from g2a balance. First they said they need verification, second, it says it is not available for users from Hong Kong. So I have now 82 EUR in it.

    1. HI Takashi, that sucks. Are you based in HK? What do they mean “it is not available for users from HK”…does that mean you are not allowed to withdraw money from your G2A account in HK or that HK people are not allowed to use G2A at all? If they latter it is curious that you were able to create an account in the first place, they shouldn’t enable that if HK users are not allowed.

  25. Why do you need my Paypal account name and password if I want to buy one of your products? Really don’t like that idea… Can you explain that?

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