Why Dab Rig Size Matters: How the Size Influences Your Dabbing?

Cannabis extracts get consumed in various ways, but smoking them still tops the list. Dabbing brought a new era to the consumption of cannabis extracts. Though dabbing has been around for centuries, the method became popular only a few decades ago. The name “dab rigs (sometimes known as oil rigs)” likely comes from the traditional method of pressing the extract on hot surfaces.

Dab rigs come in various sizes and types. Buying Dab Rigs can be a hassle if you don’t know your options; visit the link above to choose from the numerous varieties. Everything that you choose, from the cannabis extract to the unerring dab rig, can change your adventure drastically.

Because of these reasons, you should know your rig for the best experience. Before we see if size matters and what size you should prefer, let’s understand more about dab rigs and the difference it makes in your experience.

Understanding Dab Rigs and Why They Are Better

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A dab rig is a combination of three main parts that every rig has.

  1. The Banger ( or Dabbing Nail) is where you put the concentrate and heat it with the torch. When we talk about the size, it is the configuration of this part.
  2. The Base Chamber holds water for cooling down and filtering the vapor from the banger.
  3. The Mouthpiece is the pipe-like section from where you inhale the vapor.

In modern rigs, an additional part called the Percolator is an extra filter that removes the remaining impurities from the vapor. It stands in between the base chamber and the beginning of the mouthpiece.

The other important part is the blow torch, used to heat the banger. Nowadays, electronic torches are available that heat the nail to the proper temperature so you don’t have to wait for the extra 30-45 seconds for it to cool down. Also, a Dabber Tool, a pen-like substance with a spoon-like end, is used to place the extract onto the banger.

In the early days smoking through dab rigs wasn’t the best of ideas since the devices used were not that great. People used homemade DIYs, pipes, knives, and more to heat the extract and inhale the vapors. These methods are unsafe and inefficient. They involved high temperatures that added impurities to the concentrate making it less pure and more harmful.

What we see today are improvised dab rigs that provide the best feel with minimal or no intervention from exterior particles. These are specifically made to smoke cannabis concentrates in a safer, more efficient environment to enhance your experience.

The Classification of Dab Rigs in Size: Understanding the Significance of Dab Rig Size in Dabbing

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Dab rigs are available and mainly classified into Large and Mini Dab Rigs. And the classification depends on the size of the banger.

Large Dab Rigs

Rigs that involve joint sizes of 14 MM, 18 MM, and above are classified as Large Dab Rigs. 12MM joints are rare and get in a bit of a pickle when getting a group. However, you can add it to this list. Large Dab rigs have an average length of 40 cm.

A large rig means a large joint which implies a bigger hit. Large rigs also require more time to heat and cool down.

Mini Dab Rigs

Rigs involving joint sizes of 10MM come into the Mini Dab classification. Mini dab rigs use smaller joints and hence, provide a tiny hit. Their average size lies between 10 and 15 cm.

The calculation results seem simple. Large ones, of course. No, it’s not that easy. The main difference is that using dabs means intaking vapor and not smoking.

The less the air, the more pure the vapor. In mini dab rigs, the vapor has to travel less compared to large dab rigs, where the size goes up to 40- 50 cm. This increases the chances of air mixing up with the vapor and depleting its quality and flavor.

In the case of mini dab rigs, the vapor travels a much shorter distance, thus, providing a much cleaner and pure vapor flavor.

Size Does Matter: Why You Should Go For Mini Dab Rigs

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As you saw above, mini dab rigs are better in a way, but it’s not all. Here are some major pointers for consumers before hopping on the purchase train.

  1. Better Experience – As explained above, dabbing is all about the vapor density and flavor you get best with mini dab rigs. More vapor density also infers a more potent dose.
  2. Compact and Portable – Mini Rigs are smaller and easy to store and travel. Also, it does not require an entire setup to start the process. The smaller size also makes it more discreet.
  3. Less Expensive – Mini Dab Rigs are less expensive than large ones. In addition, Large ones mean a waste of at least some amount of the joint, whereas miniatures prevent spillage.
  4. Great for Beginners – Beginners should never go for larger rigs since it would be extremely tough to handle and make you regret it afterward.
  5. Design and Aesthetics – Almost all consumers also care about the kind of feel the dab rig provides. Well, worry not, you won’t be disappointed since you have different designs to choose from, and they all look better.


In conclusion, mini dab rigs have proven to be preferable for many enthusiasts due to their numerous advantages over their larger counterparts. And you might have a clear idea why the mini dab rig is the right choice for your taste. They provide a cheaper, flavored, and better-concentrated hit.

People have the misbelief that larger ones would be better since they provide a bigger hit, but they don’t think deeply about the numerous small things that matter. Now that you know the truth, check out the mini dab rig variations that fall to 10 – 11 cm. Make sure to check them out.