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Is Kinguin a Legit and Safe Place to Buy CD Keys – 2022 Guide

PC gaming is becoming increasingly expensive. First, you have to buy a high-end computer, monitor, and other accessories. Then, you have to pay $29 to $59 for every game that you play. In many cases, these games can never be found at a discount.

Unsurprisingly many gamers scour the internet to find the best deals on games and game keys, and in response secondary marketplaces like Kinguin have emerged to offer valid game codes at a fraction of the ordinary retail price. But are they entirely legit?

What Is Kinguin?

Kinguin is a marketplace platform that enables people who own valid game codes to sell them to other buyers. The platform’s technology verifies that game codes are legitimate, so you can depend on getting a working game code whenever you make a purchase.


Game codes are available on Kinguin for a wide range of games. PC games are most popular on the website, but you can also find software keys, operating systems, and other digital products. Nevertheless, game codes are the main product sold on Kinguin.

Kinguin was originally launched in 2013 to help people buy legitimate games at cheaper prices. Unlike with torrents and other illicit tools, Kinguin enables you to purchase licenses that are valid on Steam and other major gaming platforms.

How Does Kinguin Work?


In 2011, Steam managed to succeed at launching a new platform that was designed for the Russian market. Since piracy is widespread in Russia, most game platforms were unable to profitably market products in this country. On the other hand, Steam managed to succeed because it offered reduced prices in Russian markets.

Since game prices and promotions can vary by country, game code marketplaces like Kinguin began to emerge. These marketplaces enable people in cheaper markets to sell game codes to people in more expensive markets.

However, all Kinguin codes do not come from Russia or other markets that have discounted pricing. Other Kinguin codes are sold by users who mistakenly purchase a product that they never use. Some codes also come from insiders who are able to get batches of product samples from a game developer.

When you buy on Kinguin, you ultimately purchase from another user or a company that specializes in distributing game codes. Kinguin acts as a broker and endeavours to ensure that sellers are legit and bahave well but ultimately it is an open marketplace and does attract bad actors from time to time.

Is Kinguin Legit?


Yes, Kinguin is legit. It is totally legal to resell game keys for below regular retail prices, and Kinguin serves as a legit marketplace for 3rd parties to sell keys that they have acquired.

If you purchase a product key that is invalid, Kinguin will refund your money. Kinguin has relatively positive reviews because it goes to great lengths to ensure that its customers are satisfied. It offers an outstanding support team that you can talk to through email or live chat. Whenever you experience issues, you can simply reach out to this support team to get your problem resolved quickly.

Keys sold on Kinguin are always valid because the company is able to verify that they are legitimate. Kinguin does not ask where game codes come from when sellers market them on its platform, but it will take action if keys come from sources that could lead to problems for buyers. Therefore, you can trust that Kinguin is a reputable marketplace that provides legitimate keys at fair prices.

Is It Safe to Buy Keys From Kinguin?


Generally it is pretty safe to buy from Kinguin. The platform does its best to verify the legitimacy all game codes before allowing them to be put up for sale. Importantly, Kinguin is a reputable company and does provide a decent level of customer service.

It is important to keep in mind that game developers have no incentive to punish users who buy from a platform like Kinguin. After all, the keys sold on Kinguin are valid. Developers originally sold the keys that are being marketed on Kinguin at some point, so it is difficult from a legal standpoint to invalidate a key or to punish a user for utilizing a valid product key.

Nevertheless, there have been cases where game platforms have removed keys that originated from unethical sources. For instance, EA’s Origin platform is known to remove keys that were “fraudulently obtained.” However, since the vast majority of product keys sold on Kinguin are from legitimate sources, users usually do not have a problem with a key not working or later being removed. Additionally, major game platforms have no incentive to ban users if a key is removed, so you do not have to worry about your account being at risk if something goes wrong.

How Does Kinguin Compare to G2A or CDKeys?

G2A does not have a great reputation as a seller of game keys. To be clear it is a legit marketplace but they have a bit of a rep for doing nothing about accounts that are known to be selling keys that were stolen or fraudulently obtained. As a result, some people who buy from G2A end up losing the product keys that they paid for.

If your product key from G2A is invalidated, you may lose your money. The platform does not have a strong reputation for buyer protection. Kinguin offers the option of purchasing comprehensive buyer protection with all purchases. If your product key does not work properly, Kinguin will replace it will a new one with no hassle.

CDKeys is different from G2A and Kinguin because it directly sells the product keys that it markets on its website. CDKeys has a network of partners that provide the keys that it sells. In theory, the direct model that CDKeys uses should help to protect users.


So Kinguin and G2A are both marketplaces where you are buying from a 3rd party and all the risk that entails. For this reason we tend to recommend CDKeys, but one area where Kinguin may have an advantage is price. Products are often sold on Kinguin for less than 20 percent of MSRP. G2A and CDKeys, on the other hand, usually price their products around 50 percent of MSRP. Therefore, you may get a better deal when you buy from Kinguin, but the trade off is doing business with unknown 3rd parties on the marketplace.

Kinguin FAQs

Where Is Kinguin Based?

Kinguin is based in Warsaw, Poland. The company has about 250 employees who mostly work to provide customer support services. Kinguin is licensed to operate in Poland, and it remains in good standing.

In a market that is plagued with companies that do not have any physical presence, Kinguin stands out as one of the few legitimate businesses. Additionally, Kinguin has a good reputation in both Poland and the online community. Kinguin proudly maintains a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It also has relatively high reviews on a diverse range of business review websites.

How Long Does Kinguin Take to Process Orders?

Kinguin’s product keys are delivered within about 10 minutes in most cases. Its system can sometimes be slower, so it could take up to 30 minutes to receive your product key.


Additionally, Kinguin sometimes takes longer to deliver products if you are a new customer. As with all game code platforms, Kinguin has to protect itself against scammers who attempt to buy its products. Therefore, it sometimes delays sending a product key so that its customer support team has time to verify that your account appears to be legitimate and that your payment was fully cleared. For instance, if you pay with cryptocurrencies, Kinguin will sometimes wait until the transaction has been fully completed in the blockchain before sending your code.

If you have waited over 30 minutes to receive your code, you should reach out to Kinguin’s customer support team. When support personnel see that you are reaching out, they can ask any questions needed to make sure that your purchase is accepted.

Also, be sure to refresh your email. Some email systems take time to display new emails when they first arrive. You should also check your spam folder since some email providers flag Kinguin’s messages as spam.

How to cancel a Kinguin Order

Kinguin does not allow you to return an order after you have made a purchase. The company cannot offer returns because of scammers. If Kinguin offered returns, scammers would simply use the game codes they receive before asking for a refund. Therefore, all purchases are final.

However, you can get a new game code if the code you purchased does not work. Just make sure that you pay for buyer protection at checkout to have the opportunity to return a defective game code.

How to delete your Kinguin Account


You can delete your Kinguin account if you desire to do so. To delete your account, you will need to talk to Kinguin’s customer support team. Go to the customer support tab after logging into your account. You can then open a customer support ticket.

In the title field of your request, type “request to delete my account.” Then, explain why you wish to delete your account in the body of the message. Kinguin’s team will then permanently remove your account.

Why Is Kinguin so Cheap?

It is hard to find games for prices less than what Kinguin offers. Some games are discounted as much as 95 percent. Kinguin even offers deeply discounted product keys for Microsoft Windows, Autodesk, Adobe products, and a wide range of other computer-based software packages that are widely used.

Kinguin is able to provide games and other software at low prices because of it’s strong network of vetted resellers. In some markets, game developers offer enormous discounts. Local resellers then buy up these discounted game codes and resell them on platforms like Kinguin. Since many resellers specialize in finding deals, they are adept at finding deeply discounted game codes that can then be sold on Kinguin’s platform.