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There are many jobs with flexible working hours and that allow you to work from home in New Jersey. With more and more businesses opting for remote work forces this is a very real possibility, even without a college degree.

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Work from Home – New Jersey Style

New Jersey has a large small business population that creates a diverse range of jobs. Some of these small businesses are telecommuting and work from home jobs. The top work from home jobs in NJ includes:

  • Customer service
  • Billing
  • Medical billing
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Catering
  • Hospitality Services
  • Technology
  • Pet Sitting/Dog Walking
  • Child Care
  • Ghost Writing
  • Consulting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Arts and Crafts

Work from Home Jobs to Consider

When choosing jobs for stay at home moms in NJ, the first consideration is available time, access to a home workplace and ability to coordinate regular family duties with work obligations.

For example, jobs for stay at home moms in NJ that work best are those that fit neatly into the daily family routine. However, even moms with heavy infant care obligations can fit a stay at home job into their routine. These moms can take on bookkeeping/accounting, technology or pet sitting or dog walking jobs that don’t require an inordinate amount of time away from normal daily child care.

Customize Work from Home Jobs in New Jersey

The ability to work from home has pros and cons. It’s important to explore these before committing oneself to working from home. Configure the specified amount of time needed to perform duties of a work from home job versus other domestic duties.

Most work from home jobs in NJ are sedentary or have a minimal amount of mobility. For example, ghost writing, bookkeeping/accounting, billing, medical billing and customer service jobs are relatively sedentary.

Pet sitting/dog walking and catering require a minimal amount of mobility. Catering from home necessitates trips to the market for supplies, depending on the type of catering offered. If mobility is a problem, check with local suppliers as to whether they offer online shopping and delivery.

Which Work from Home Jobs Are Best?

Individuals planning to work from home need to take full inventory of their past job experience, skills and talents. Many times, external job experience is ignored as a potential for work from home jobs. For instance, many estimators, bookkeepers and accountants have heavy experience in pricing goods and services, invoicing, payroll and keeping business accounting records. These are easily transferrable to work from home jobs. Don’t forget that consulting and tax preparation are work from home jobs with lucrative financial rewards and salaries that range from $19,000 to $80,000.

To decide which work from home jobs is best, consider past job experience as an extension of jobs that allow moms to work from home. Some work from home jobs require intensive mental concentration and a workplace relatively distraction free. Ghost writing, bookkeeping/accounting and technology jobs require this type of intensive concentration and distraction free environment.

Salary and Benefits

Salaries are entirely dependent on the work from home job chosen and whether the job is full time, part time or on a project by project basis. Top accounting jobs offer salaries from $40,000/yr. part time to $80,000 for full time work. Telecommuting jobs generally offer company benefits. Self-employment jobs do not. This is something to consider if benefits are a necessity.