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There are many jobs with flexible working hours and that allow you to work from home in Texas. With more and more businesses opting for remote work forces this is a very real possibility, even without a college degree.

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Working From Home In Texas: What You Can Do

The Lone Star State is a great place to live and work. However, it is also a place that relies heavily on the oil industry. When times are good, everything is peachy. When times are tough in that industry, things can get a lot more difficult. Unfortunately, right now times have been tough in the oil industry for quite a while. It has forced many people to look for work from home jobs in Texas for at least the time being.

What Can You Do Working From Home?

To a lot of people it almost sounds like a fantasy that you could possibly find jobs for stay at home moms in Texas. How could one possibly make any money doing anything on the Internet? The answer is that there are plenty of people looking for a particular task to be completed who rely on workers on the Internet to get it done.

Computer skills are particularly valuable for work-from-home jobs, but there are other talents that are rewarded as well.

Support Representatives

It used to be the case that call centers were staffed by companies that had big demands for a lot of workers to answer phones and help their customers. These days, a lot of that work goes out to people who are sitting in their homes in front of a computer screen. These are still individuals who are trained on how to do their job, but they just don’t necessarily have to be at a call center to get it done. This works out better for the company that is hiring all of those individuals, but it also works out pretty nicely for those who need a job from home.

Salary Estimate- $8-$13 per hour

Content Creators

Many businesses and even individuals do not have the time or perhaps talent to create their own website content. They need things to populate the website that they have created for their business, but they may need to have outsiders to do the actual work.

The work-from-home employee in this case will create whatever is needed on a per project basis. It could be anything from writing blog content to creating corporate videos. If the outside worker believes that he or she can do it, then they accept the project and get to working on it.

Salary Estimate- Varies by project length and difficulty

Transcription Work

Some people just have a knack for typing. That is something that can be highly rewarded online as well. There are plenty of companies that need audio or video files transcribed into text format for whatever purpose. If you have the ability to follow along with an audio or video file and transcribe it, then you might just have a work-from-home job that is right for you. There is plenty of work available in this field from government agencies all the way to private companies.

Salary Estimate- $10-$16 per hour, or paid per project with some companies