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There are many jobs with flexible working hours and that allow you to work from home. With more and more businesses opting for remote workforces this is a very real possibility, even without a college degree.

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6 Work from Home Jobs in Houston

With daycare costs rising, more and more parents are looking to stay at home jobs to help support the family income while staying home with their children. If you are looking for work from home jobs in Houston, you have more than a few options! Here are some of the most common jobs for stay at home moms in Houston.

1. Freelance Work

No matter what your talent may be in, photography, writing, or web design, you can usually find someone who is in need of a freelancer worker. Freelance work enables you to create your own schedule while making a decent amount of money working from home. There are various websites and agencies that you can pick work up on, as well as job boards that you can find those in need of freelance workers.

2. Daycare

Opening up a home daycare can be a financially savvy way to make a large amount of money while staying home. Many daycares charge anywhere from 20-40 dollars a day (on the low end of the spectrum!) and depending on state laws you can have quite a few children under your care.

3. Inbound Customer Support

Various companies, such as Amazon and Comcast, employ work at home parents to manage their customer support. Often times, you only need a computer, cell phone, and quiet place to work to do these jobs. You can also choose from a flexible schedule with a set amount of hours per week.

4. Online Fitness Coach

This at home job is great for the fitness gurus out there. Helping others stay on track with their workout goals, weight, and diet can be a very rewarding experience. Check out various websites and their requirements, as some do mandate that you have some type of certification as a fitness instructor.

5. Tutor

Are you a math wiz or English expert? Check out the tutoring options available in your area. Many tutors are charging upwards of 25 dollars per hour to teach other students their knowledge. This is a great skill to have, especially around SAT and ACT time!

6. Travel Manager

A lucrative stay at home job, travel managers make things happen. By coordinating flights, hotels, travel plans, and more, travel managers make a pretty large salary. Help others travel the world from the comfort of your home, and rake in a large paycheck while you’re at it!

These are just a few options for those who are looking for work from home jobs in Houston. No matter what you choose to do, whether it is tutoring, writing, photography, or any other job you may stumble across, it is a very rewarding experience to be able to not only stay home with your kids but to also make a great income while you do it!