7 Ways to Keep Up to Date With the Latest Soccer News & Results

Are you a true soccer fanatic and a soccer fan? Well, the soccer season is ahead, and everyone wants to enjoy their time watching their favorite team play and their game either on the big or small screen. Do you want to watch the Premier League? Maybe you are a Champions League fan? Either way, it may be, you will enjoy your soccer game, only with the right channel selection & with some trustworthy resources. Keep on reading and browse through your options down below.

1. 55goal

Source: twitter.com

You can visit 55goal and enjoy their variety when it comes to the latest soccer news & information about all of your favorite & most important games. Everything is available with just one touch of a button, no matter where you might be in the world! You can enjoy all of your football matches and watch live scores. Enjoy the UEFA Euro 2021, Premier League, as well as La Liga. All sports fans can get the free live score updates on their site. You can go on the site and rewatch your favorite moments over on the soccer highlights page in case you end up missing your game.


  • 160+ different leagues to choose from
  • Live score & live stream
  • Soccer highlights
  • Soccer news
  • Free
  • Easy to navigate


  • None

2. LiveScore

Source: acefootball.com

LiveScore is a good go-to choice if you want to watch your game from your phone. Simply download the app over at the App Store and watch soccer, basketball, tennis, and even cricket! You can watch professional and semi-professionals teams play anywhere from Europe to Africa, the site has it all. You can easily find your favorite & smaller club on there and support them while being outside or at the comfort of your home.


  • Great for big & small games
  • Live events
  • Supports smaller clubs
  • A huge variety of games
  • Has soccer and other sports


  • Only for phone users

3. Goal LiveScores

Source: pinterest.com

This is the official iPhone app that delivers results and all the latest news that is happening in the sports industry straight to your iPhone! Simply add your favorite teams with the help of your app and the phone will send you a newsletter and information that’s most relevant for you. Enjoy the live score feature, as well as loads of different stats. Its users enjoy & prefer the head-to-head data analysis that helps and looks into any previous matches between two clubs.


  • A great choice for iPhone users
  • You get the needed information sent straight to your phone
  • Live score feature
  • Has the head-to-head data analysis
  • Great for placing bets


  • Only for Apple users

4. Bleacher Report

Source: pinterest.com

If you want to get the needed information for your team and enjoy soccer, hockey, as well as AFL stats – give Bleacher Report a try. This app creates a feed for you based on your liking and interest. It is the best solution for guys and girls who are into all the latest soccer gossip and drama, as well as post-game reactions and interviews! If you are more so into the behind-the-scenes aspects of it – Bleacher Report will surprise you.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Has live updates
  • Has different games to offer
  • Great for guys & girls
  • Shows behind-the-scenes aspects of it


  • Not for actual die-hard football fans

5. TLS Soccer

Source: pinterest.com

If you are into stats just know that TLS soccer is powered by Opta, a great app for your needed stats & data when making and placing bets. You will enjoy this application since it has individual teams and team playoffs on there. Enjoy their LiveScore feature when watching & betting on the game, along with their practical & easy navigation to look into player CV, information & birthplace stats. There is an ad system with this choice, but for $3 you can remove them and use the app in a faster way.


  • Great for placing bets
  • Quick & easy
  • Loads of updates
  • The app has all of your needed information on all the players


  • There are loads of ads
  • You have to pay $3 to get rid of them

6. Forza Football

Source: steprimo.com

Forza Football will help you track your favorite club and all of your international gams. Thanks to their easy & simple calendar view you will stay on track with the needed information and updates. Simply tap on your favorite team or player and get all of their information listed out right there on the spot. Their statistical side and input may not be the most overwhelming to go for, but the site is easy to use and is aesthetically pleasing.


  • Have smaller & bigger clubs listed
  • Easy & simple calendar view
  • All of your information will show with one touch of a button
  • Live scores


  • Not the most famous go-to choice
  • Doesn’t have as many stats or information as your other sites

7. Premier League Official App

Source: premierleague.com

Last, but not least, why not give the official English Premier League app a chance? Anyone who enjoys PL2 and U-18 competitions can enjoy the site and its variety. Loads of your most important facts are easily accessible. Fans will enjoy its league table and ticket information. There are loads of important facts, such as statistic breakdowns listed on there, while the app is more than handy & beginner-friendly!


  • It is the official English Premier League app
  • Has all of your most important matches
  • Live scores
  • Ticket information
  • For Android & iPhone users


  • Only a good go-to choice if you are watching English Premier League

Ready to have some fun?

In the end, are you ready to watch some proper soccer? Also, are you ready to watch your favorite game and bet big money? Let us know which app or site you prefer the most, we would love to know!

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