Sex Toys

All Main Types of Sex Toys

People use sex toys to achieve higher levels of pleasure when they’re having sex or masturbating. Depending on your needs and sexual preferences, there are many different types of adult toys you can choose from that all serve different purposes.

Here, we’ll talk about the main types of toys to help you find something that could help you enhance your sex life in a major way. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!



Vibrators, as the name suggests, are objects that vibrate to stimulate your erogenous zones to achieve sexual satisfaction and pleasure. They’re most commonly used for clitoral stimulation, as well as to stimulate other parts of the vagina, but that’s not all there is to them.

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, and as such, they can serve many different purposes. They can be used on the penis, nipples, or even the anus. Most models also let you adjust the vibration power level to suit your preferences depending on how sensitive you are in certain spots on your body.



Dildos are phallic objects most commonly inserted into the vagina or anus to stimulate the G-spot in females or the prostate in males. They’re usually made out of silicone to imitate the feeling of a real penis. They can be either curved or straight, depending on their specific purpose. As with any other adult toy, learning how to clean your dildo is of the utmost importance. If you don’t clean it regularly, you might be at risk of infections.

Now, just like we’ve mentioned before, dildos can be used for both solo-play and during actual sex. Make sure you’ve talked to your partner before introducing any of these toys into the bedroom, as some people might find them offensive or degrading.



A penis sleeve is a narrow tube that’s mostly used for male masturbation. It’s usually made out of soft materials that imitate the interior of a vagina. Some models also provide vibration or suction for increased pleasure, so make sure you’ve done your research to find what works for you the best. Some designs are specifically made for trans men and intersex individuals, as they can accommodate large clits and smaller penises just as effectively as regular strokers do for cisgender males.

Cock rings


These are put around the penis to compress its blood flow and help maintain a longer, more sensitive erection. They were originally made for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, but have found other functions since.

Some of them can vibrate, which can increase the pleasure you’re feeling during intercourse even more. We suggest you don’t wear these for longer than 10-15 minutes, as they can be quite uncomfortable when worn for too long. Remember to take them off as soon as you start experiencing pain and discomfort, as sex should never be painful.

Sex dolls


Sex dolls are one of the most popular adult toys to date. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, and designs to fit every need and preference out there. The most common type is the „full-body“ sex dolls that resemble a real sexual partner. They’re usually made out of rubbery materials such as silicone, to make them easy to clean and provide sensations similar to having a real person next to you.

You learn more about easily portable mini sex dolls if you click here. Even though they’re usually made to cater to the needs of straight males, you can find some excellent designs made for women as well.



Harnesses or straps are made to hold dildos and vibrators on your body. They’re mostly worn as a part of your underwear. As such, they’re extremely popular among the LGBT population. Of course, it’s not their only use. You can find many different designs, so don’t hesitate to experiment!

Butt plugs


As the name suggests, butt plugs are placed inside of your anus during sexual intercourse or masturbation to achieve the sensation of fullness. Unlike anal vibrators and prostate massagers, but plugs do not stimulate the area. It’s not something everyone enjoys, but nonetheless an experience worth trying out.

Like with all other types of toys, make sure you clean them thoroughly after every use. The anus is a sensitive part of your body, so make sure you’re gentle with everything you’re putting inside of it, even during BDSM play.

Remote-controlled toys


Many types of vibrators, massagers, and plugs can be controlled remotely. It’s fun to use, especially if you enjoy power play and establishing a special kind of power dynamic with your partner. You can turn the toys on and off, change the intensity, and so much more depending on the model! There’s a variety of „teledildonics“ you can choose from, so don’t hesitate to look for unique features that suit your sexual preferences the best.

Sex swings


If you’d like to spice up your sex life in a matter of seconds – get a sex swing! It will allow you to try out many new, gravity-defying sexual positions with your partner and so much more! It’s one of the most exciting adult toys on this list, so we certainly advise you to try it. All you need is some creativity and a consenting partner – and then there are no limits to the fun you’ll be able to have!

Kegel balls


While kegel balls are mostly used to strengthen the muscles of the vagina, some people enjoy the sensation they provide. In those cases, it can also be used as a masturbation toy!

The bottom line

There are many different types of sex toys that all have their unique uses and purposes. The best way to find what works for you is simply to experiment as much as you can! Don’t be afraid to try out new things and you’ll be on your way to enhancing your sex life in no time whatsoever. We hope our article helped you find your new favorite adult toy and we wish you loads of fun and excitement in the future!