Paternity Testing: How It Can Help in Child Custody Cases?

Parents are the perfect candidates to take custody of their children after mutual separation or dispute. A child’s father can equally battle for custody like the mother. But legal authorities ask for paternal proof showing whether you are the child’s biological father.

This test is crucial if you have kids with or without marriage. It is a simple DNA test that shows whether the child biologically belongs to his father. Only an alleged father can take responsibility for his little one after the separation. If you apply for a custody case, finding a reliable lab to conduct a paternity test is crucial.

This guide will explain why a paternity test is essential in the child custody case and how it can help you. Every country has different laws, and an individual must follow them for legal approval. Therefore, you should understand your rights and learn more about the custody rules.

Meaning and Significance of Paternity Test


The term paternity depicts fatherhood, and the test can be used as proof in court. It gives an identity to the birth father of the child. Every country gives importance to this test and considers it for custody cases. It is significant to show proof before starting the proceedings in court.

In every state, there are different sets of rules applied to it. You should know them well before applying your case. But paternity can only be determined by this test, so it is crucial to conduct.

Why is the Paternity Test Crucial for Fathers?

As discussed earlier, the paternity evaluation is a must to prove the fatherhood of an individual to his child. It protects both parents. Before considering a man as a legal guardian, the court is interested to know whether he biologically belonged to the child. An alleged father can be regarded as under obligation to take responsibility.

The proven individual can provide child support, apply for joint custody, visit frequently, and do all the duties. A birth father has equal rights to his child as the mother. But if the test is negative, an individual has no legal rights over the little one. Another person can get into the case if the birth father and mother refuse to take responsibility.

An individual must adopt the little one to do the fatherly duties like his biological father. This test is not only important in the court. If a woman is pregnant before the marriage or in an affair with two parties, the paternity assessment helps relieve the mother’s mind.

It is the best way to know the birth father of the baby. But it is not mandatory to evaluate the court. It is the choice of the father whether to do it or not. It becomes crucial only when the mother files a case and gets a permit for the test. The results can be severe if the man refuses to do the assessment.

About the Test


DNA samples are gathered from the so-called father and the child during the evaluation to prove their relationship. There are multiple ways to examine the DNA. Generally, the doctor will take the cheek swab to gather the loose cells. Another common way of examining DNA is by gathering blood samples.

Using the latest equipment makes it possible to get accurate results from the test. A human body has 46 chromosomes; out of them, 23 are transferred to the child from the parents. In this evaluation, chromosomes are compared in the DNA samples and check whether the 23 chromosomes are shared. The report comes positive if the sample matches.

Next Step After Paternity Test Comes Positive

If you obtain a positive test, your next step will depend on your circumstances. You must determine your needs and know what your mother desires. If you want to get custody of your child, you can apply for it in court and fight for your rights. After winning the case, you can legally ask for custody and stay with your kid.

Even if you do not win custody, you can stay with your child by visiting them frequently or providing emotional support. Depending on the country’s laws, you will get deserving rights for your kid. Sometimes, mothers do not want to take responsibility, and your DNA test can help you get the favor. You can claim custody and get legal rights for your kid.

Father Rights


The common myth is that the court will favor the mother only for custody. But both the birth father and mother have equal rights to their toddler. The legal authorities never discriminate on any condition or gender.

They make decisions based on the proof, the child’s interest, the parents’ interest, etc. When it is about the father’s rights, it is the same as the mother’s. You must hire a well-experienced attorney to handle your case and get custody from the mother in difficult cases.

Creating a parenting plan and gathering all the supported documents is mandatory. Both parents must agree on their custodial rights for their child. A proper contract should be initiated, including the signatures of parents. If anyone goes against the contract, it will be considered a crime. A single document will help in determining your rights.

Final Thoughts

For a father, paternity evaluation is fatherhood proof to his child, which helps him get legal custodial rights in court. Even when the mother is in an affair with more than one man, she can determine the real father of her baby. This assessment is mandatory to get custodial rights for the father.

The legal authorities rely on the birth father of the kid. But if another person agrees to adopt the little one, he can legally follow all the fatherly duties. Depending on the country’s laws, you will get rights for your kid. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for conducting this evaluation for custody.