Internet Speed

Programs and Apps That Consume the Most Internet Speed

There should be no compromise when it comes to internet speed, period. In today’s world, when you have numerous options in terms of internet speed, you shouldn’t have issues such as high latency or downtime.

But then again, even if you have a strong internet connection, there are times when some programs consume a lot of it. Resultantly, you get low speed for other devices. But what are these programs and software that use the internet so aggressively?

We’re to explore this with the list below. We shall be covering some of the programs and apps that consume internet speed. It’ll make it easier for you to understand how these programs work and manage your internet usage accordingly. So, let’s check these out:

Video Streaming Apps/ Programs

One of the most data and speed-consuming processes includes video streaming apps and programs. These processes use immense data because they have to fetch information constantly from the internet.

A common example is Netflix or any other streaming platform. You’ll notice it loses the quality and then begins buffering if in case there’s an issue with the internet speed. When this happens, the video will ultimately stop since it’s unable to fetch information in real-time.

That’s why if you’re looking to have a good streaming experience, then it’s important that you use quality internet service. For recommendations, you can check out Xfinity internet plans and get a good speed internet plan for the purpose.

Gaming Apps/ Programs


In addition to streaming apps, gaming applications consume a good amount of internet speed and data too. Particularly multiplayer games since they need to exchange information with the gaming server constantly to keep the user profile synced.

While this is more than enough to pressure your internet speed, adding streaming with gaming increases this pressure. With gaming and streaming, your device needs to communicate with multiple servers simultaneously to keep the data synced.

Any lag or distortion will mess up your stream as well as your gaming experience. Moreover, professional gaming requires steadier internet than usual since you’re syncing with other competitors and teammates too.

Video Chatting Apps/ Programs

Video chats work similarly to gaming and streaming programs and constantly need to send and receive data. Moreover, if one of the users experiences issues with their internet, then the call/ chat disrupts.

In addition, the quality of the video call is also affected, similar to streaming whenever the speed drops or distortion occurs. Furthermore, if you have limited data for your internet connection, then a video call would exhaust it for sure.

Plus, when you’re connected to multiple users on a video call, it takes a toll on the internet since it requires a simultaneous exchange of information. And if you’re sharing information such as your screen or documents in the chat, you need stable internet connectivity to get it done.

Social Media Apps/ Programs


Social media platforms don’t necessarily consume high-end internet speed or data. However, it depends upon the type of platform you’re using and the content that you’re consuming. For instance, viewing posts will not use data or speed but viewing high-quality videos will consume both in good quantity.

In addition, video calling via social apps will also burden your internet in the same way. Therefore, having a good internet is required if you want to have seamlessness in using social apps too. Also, if you’ve interlinked your applications for posting content simultaneously, then your internet has to be stable enough to get it done in one go.

When it comes to managing your social media campaigns, you need to ensure that your internet connection is stable so that the campaign functions properly. If for some reason there’s internet disruption, the campaign won’t be able to implement itself properly on all channels. Plus, it won’t be able to collect relevant data and provide accurate analytics for your assessment.

Miscellaneous Apps/ Programs

Apart from the apps and programs discussed above, some of the apps that burden your internet connection are as follows:

Music Streaming Apps/ Programs


Music streaming apps also consume a good chunk of internet resources so that they can keep streaming music. Although these are comparatively low data than video chats, still, the content won’t load if you don’t have stable internet and you’re streaming content live.


System updates, network updates, etc. take a good amount of data, speed, and device resources to download and install. Having one at a time when you’re using other programs will ultimately result in slowness.

Apart from this, updates on secondary devices such as your connected peripherals, software installed on your devices, additional downloads, etc. require a good deal of internet speed and stability. If there’s internet disruption during the updated process, then you won’t be able to complete them and will need to begin anew.

Online Backups

As much as online backups are convenient, they still consume bandwidth and speed from your internet to keep things streamlined. Stats have shown that online backups such as Dropbox consume at least 30% of internet resources.

This happens because the app keeps the data synced for the users to access it from anywhere at any time. Plus, the data can be accessed by multiple users, in case the backup server is shared. For organizational servers/ databases, it can be a hassle if the data is not synced or unavailable. Hence, to prevent this issue, high-speed internet without any data limit is required.

Web Browsing


Web browsing itself consumes a good deal of the internet. With every new tab you’re opening, it leads to data consumption. Moreover, if you’re keeping the tabs opened, the cache memory stores these so that they can be reopened. Resultantly, it consumes internet speed and data, and your device’s memory too.

Closing Thoughts

Several applications and programs are responsible for burdening your internet speed. However, you cannot turn these off all the time as some of them are constantly in use. Therefore, it’s recommended that you get a good internet connection in the first place to avoid hindrances later.