8 Reasons To Choose Reclaimed Wood for Home Renovation

Are you starting a home renovation project and need to know what materials would work best? You should choose reclaimed wood flooring. This type of wood has plenty of benefits you won’t get from using standard lumber.

Are you interested? Make sure to keep reading to learn more! We made sure to cover exactly why you should choose reclaimed wood.

1. It’s Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

First, it is sustainable and doesn’t harm the environment. When you choose to use new wood, it contributes to deforestation issues. However, reclaimed wood is repurposed from old structures like barns and other buildings, making it much more sustainable.

You also help to reduce waste when you go with this option. Using reclaimed wood prevents that wood from going to a landfill where it would rot. So, you keep more materials out of landfills and reduce the environmental impact of sourcing new lumber this way.

More and more people are becoming aware of environmental issues and choosing eco-friendly options. If you want to support a more sustainable lumber option, this should be your top reason to go with reclaimed wood.

2. It Has a Unique Appearance

Reclaimed Wood

Source: kylumber.com

Reclaimed wood always has a unique appearance. If you go with new wood, many pieces of lumber will look the same. Plus, many other people will be using similar-looking wood for their projects.

You don’t have to worry about that with reclaimed wood since it always has its characteristics. The wood is older, so it comes with a unique patina from weathering and aging. These features can look quite beautiful, especially in flooring.

Reclaimed wood even comes with its own distinct history and story. When you use it in your remodeling projects, you make your home part of that story.

3. It’s More Durable

Reclaimed wood is also much more durable than any new wood because it comes from trees that have longer to grow. New wood is sourced quickly, so it doesn’t have as much time to form, making it more prone to warping and damage.

Older wood is much more dense, making it more durable. Reclaimed wood is better if you want a floor that will last you the rest of your life.

Plus, these wood planks tend to be wider than new ones since the trees reached their full size before being cut down. Because of this, you won’t need as many planks to cover the same area.

Overall, it is the better choice for longevity. Your new renovations will last due to how dense and durable old wood is.

4. It Offers Better Air Quality

Source: homeadore.com

Reclaimed wood flooring can even provide you with better air quality. Newer wood releases volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can lower the air quality in your home.

Using it prevents the release of VOCs into your home since the wood has had enough time to release them elsewhere. By the time you get reclaimed wood, it should have already completed that process.

However, you will want to be sure that the old wood wasn’t treated with harsh chemicals first to receive this benefit.

5. It May Boost Mental Health

Natural wood can also boost your mental health, and reclaimed wood looks more natural than new lumber. It can reduce your stress, which helps you feel better overall. When you feel better in terms of mental health, you’re also more productive, social, and satisfied with your life.

On the other hand, minimalist materials, like metal, can make you feel more stressed. So, you’ll want to make sure that you choose wood and add many other natural elements to your home, such as plants.

6. It Can Increase Your Property Value

Source: treehugger.com

Next, using reclaimed wood can even increase your property value. Many homebuyers love seeing wood floors, incredibly unique ones. It can make your home much more appealing, especially if you tell them how eco-friendly and sustainable it is.

Reclaimed wood floors are more exclusive than ordinary wood floors, making them more enticing to homebuyers. You can give your home an edge in the real estate market by using them to stand out.

When done right, reclaimed wood can significantly increase your home’s value, so you make back more than you spent on the wood.

7. You Can Support Local Businesses

Many local businesses supply reclaimed wood. When you choose these options, you support them and their crafts. Sourcing reclaimed wood involves a lot of skill and labor, and you can help local businesses thrive with your support.

Doing so can also help your community grow since these local companies create more jobs for your area. For example, a wood supplier requires expert craftsmen who can salvage, process, and sell timber. You’ll be helping to keep the art of woodworking alive in your area when you decide to use it for your projects.

Lastly, if you choose local reclaimed wood, you can capture a part of your area’s history in your new home projects.

8. It’s More Cost-Effective

Most of the time, reclaimed wood flooring is more cost-effective than choosing new wood for the same project. Since it lasts much longer, you won’t need to replace the floors again soon, helping you save more.

It is also unique, so you don’t need to add paint or other materials to it either.

In short, reclaimed wood is much more cost-effective because of how long it lasts. You probably won’t need to replace it, while new wood must be replaced every 20 years. If you have to replace the reclaimed wood, you can usually get at least 50 years out of it, which is more than twice as long as new wood.

Source: barnwoodinnovations.com

Choose Reclaimed Wood for Your Projects

To summarize, there are many reasons to choose reclaimed wood for your projects. You receive a more sustainable material with a unique, durable appearance than new wood. Many people love the way reclaimed hardwood looks, making it worth choosing.

So, you’ll want to consider all these reasons for picking reclaimed wood!