5 Signs Your Business Should Hire an Employment Lawyer

Every good employer should have their own employment attorney whom they can turn to in situations where it is necessary. You shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help when you truly need it, because you just can’t know everything. When you find yourself in a legal dilemma, it is always a good idea to have an employment attorney by your side and ensure that you get the most reliable information possible. The fact is that the labor law is changing fast, so it can be quite challenging to keep up with all the news. Of course, you don’t need a lawyer for every little thing. Here are some signs that indicate that a particular employer really needs to hire an employment attorney.

1. You can’t handle contracts and paperwork by yourself

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Every single employer has to deal with a ton of paperwork, such as different contracts and agreements. Some examples are severance agreements, employment contracts, and others. It can be really challenging to keep up with the latest laws and ensure that all items in the contract are exactly as they should be. In the event that some of the contracts you have drawn up contain certain language that could potentially harm you or you have exceeded what the law allows in one of the agreements, the lawyer’s task is to detect such things and then draw your attention to them. . Expert knowledge in such situations can bring you many benefits and protect you from unwanted circumstances. Besides that, an attorney can advise you in which cases you should use certain contracts and agreements, and when it is more beneficial for you not to do so.

2. You are not sure that your policies are fully compliant with the law

Another useful thing for which you can hire an employment attorney is a detailed review of your personnel policies. It is important to make sure that your policies are fully compliant with the law, in terms of overtime, employee salaries, family leave, safety and health at work, and other important issues. Also, your attorney may think it’s a good idea to create some additional policies that will benefit your employees by making it easier for them to integrate into the new work environment or clearly explaining what their rights and responsibilities are.

3. You want to fire an employee

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In case you want to fire an employee due to work problems, problematic or inappropriate behavior, it is a good idea to keep in mind the option of hiring an employment attorney. And if you suspect that the employee you want to fire could sue you, that’s another reason to contact an attorney as soon as possible who could help you avoid an unwanted outcome. In such situations, it is useful to have a lawyer by your side to make sure that the dismissal of workers will be legal.

Second, a good employment attorney will further advise you on what actions to take to reduce the risk of being sued by a particular worker. Some of the situations that are a clear sign that you urgently need an employment attorney are if the employment contract of the employee you plan to dismiss restricts your right to dismissal in any way or if the employee has certain benefits or retirement money that would soon be paid. Also, if an employee filed a complaint about discrimination a few weeks or months ago or complained about illegal activities in the workplace, you need professional help to uderstand how these circumstances limit you and what you can do about it.

When choosing an employment attorney, it is important to choose a professional who will represent your interests in the right way and know how to best advise you. You can read more about such employment attorneys at Levitt LLP.

4. If an employee is suing you

Lawsuits are certainly another thing that clearly indicates that you urgently need an employment attorney, and a good one at that. In the event that your former or current employee is suing you, you need to consult a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that all your rights are protected. A good employment attorney will also advise you on how to gather and preserve evidence that will be helpful to you in court. A particularly challenging thing about lawsuits is that they usually require you to take action very quickly, which means you don’t have much time. We suggest that as soon as you receive notification of the lawsuit, you immediately start looking for a lawyer who will help you resolve this issue and that everything ends in your favor.

5. You need help with some employment decisions

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And lastly, hiring an employment attorney is a good option and every time you feel you need help with some employment decisions. This is especially true for decisions that affect a large number of employees, so it is essential that you have a clear picture of how to avoid some undesirable situations. For example, you may want to cancel some benefits or make adjustments to your retirement plan. In such situations, it is necessary to consult a legal expert who knows all the potential legal pitfalls that may be found along the way. And once you’re familiar with these traps, you’ll find it easier to avoid them. Make sure you know what you are doing when making certain employment decisions and that you are legally protected from unwanted consequences.


Although you probably often hear about situations where employees need the help of an employment attorney, the fact is that every employer should have legal help by their side. Of course, you don’t need an attorney for every little thing, but there are definitely signs that hiring an attorney can be a good way to go. Some of them are: you can’t handle contracts and paperwork by yourself, you are not sure that your policies are fully compliant with the law, you’re considering firing an employee, an employee is suing you or you need help with some employment decisions. All of these are situations where having professional legal assistance can help you turn the situation in your favor and reach the desired outcome.