8 Ways a Solicitor Will Help with Your Medical Negligence Claim in Dungannon

It is easy to underestimate the value of an experienced solicitor until you find yourself in a legal situation. Anyone filing a medical negligence claim will soon find out that there are complex nuances to navigate, which may just feel impossible without the right sort of help.

This guide aims to highlight information about why a solicitor will undeniably provide vital assistance with any medical negligence claim in the Dungannon area.

What Do Medical Negligence Solicitors Do In Dungannon?

A solicitor is the first person you turn to when you need any kind of legal advice. Claims that discuss medical circumstances have a lot of ground to cover and are by their very nature more advanced than other types of lawsuits.

Solicitors specializing in this area, understand how to provide the optimum representation and take their clients to the place they need to be. They will bring facts, evidence, and the correct terminology to the table while advising on the best things to say and do throughout the proceedings, like https://www.paduffy-solicitors.com/en/.

Here’s what they can do for you.

Communication with the Opposition

Medical Negligence Claim

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The one thing that is the most difficult during a legal negotiation, especially for those with no prior knowledge of the standard protocols and requirements, is the communication stage.

There will be a continuous discussion throughout the claims process, which will lead to a number of conversations about what happened, why the claim is being made, and how things can proceed in the most favorable way.

As a victim in these situations, it is difficult to keep a clear head during every chapter, and that is where a solicitor steps up and takes charge. They will liaise with whoever is required and ensure that the communication is both coherent and professional at all times.

Administration Benefits

There is also a significant amount of paperwork to traverse through during a medical negligence claim. For you, without the knowledge and guidance of a pair of legally informed eyes, it would be extremely difficult indeed.

There is too much of a risk that costly mistakes will be made, both financially and regarding time as well. A solicitor will be able to ensure all of this paperwork is taken care of, and done right the first time around. This means there will be no re-dos or hold ups as things move forward.

Understanding the Correct Compensation Figure

Another area where a solicitor is bound to be extremely useful is during the calculation stage of the claims process. Ultimately, the end figure is dictated by many things including how far you were impacted physically, and the ways you are struggling mentally.

These are major things to consider, and it is impossible to do without someone who knows how to think the numbers through.


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The compensation amount that your solicitor has deemed justifiable will also be a starting point for their negotiations. Without this input, you would be at a clear disadvantage because you would have no way to claim that what you should receive in monetary penance is, in fact, the correct option for the opposing party.

This would leave you vulnerable to a low-ball offer from the other side, which is often how it goes when people decide to step up without legal representation on their team. A solicitor will work hard to keep negotiations realistic while negating any suggested compensation figure that is unreasonable and too low.

A Barrier to Mistakes

As well as being an expert with the administration process and all of the associated paperwork, an experienced solicitor will be a constant barrier against any other mistakes as well.

There are so many things that can go wrong during a medical negligence claim, like invalid evidence, unreliable witnesses, time limits, and a claimant saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Solicitors understand everything that might go wrong during the process, and they will handle this professionally.

They will not only advise you on how to conduct yourself throughout the whole thing but also be able to show up in terms of getting jobs done how they are supposed to be carried out.

Saving You Money

The average lawsuit without professional representation can cost thousands and thousands of pounds. This is simply because it can drag out over years and years and include things like extended court fees and so on. With a solicitor, however, all of this is avoided, which is an attractive prospect, to say the least.

The fact is, while your solicitor is earning money from your business to some extent, they always aim to wrap things up in the most time-efficient way. This is better for your financial pocket and will make life easier in terms of your general recovery.

Niche Resources

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It is also useful to have someone working hard in your corner who has access to a range of unique resources, witnesses, and evidence channels. These kinds of things are not readily available to the average citizen, and there is a strong possibility that any experienced solicitor will have a lot of beneficial methods and links in the division that will ultimately benefit your case.

They know who to talk to and when to have the conversation, including how best to engage with witnesses and the like.

Support That Matters

Lawsuits of any nature make the victim feel extremely vulnerable. They are stressful events, and it is impossible to deny this fact. There are a lot of demands and hills to climb, so the fact that a trained solicitor is working hard on your behalf is an extremely comforting thing.

This kind of guidance will always be better than going it alone, where you might be overwhelmed by the stress of everything and even want to give up at times. A solicitor will make sure everything stays on the right track and that you are supported throughout.

Medical negligence claims are filled with twists and turns. There has to be a lot of viable evidence and credible witness statements supporting the narrative, and the only way to get the result you desire is to use legal representation.