9 Things You Need to Know How to Maintain a Wig

What is the one concern that every person who wears a wig has? If others can tell if you’re wearing a wig or not. Nothing is more annoying than worrying whether everyone at the grocery store is gazing at you because they can tell your hair isn’t yours.

First, you should be aware that they most likely aren’t even gazing (Carol, there’s a paper towel sale behind your head for half off). Second, the quality of your charmanty wig and how well you care for it have a role in whether or not people can tell you are wearing a wig. Read on for advice on how to keep your wig appearing more natural, fuller, and newer for longer than ever.

1. Don’t wash your wig frequently

Your wig requires the same level of care that you don’t routinely wash your genuine hair. The relevant specialists state that you may wear a human hair wig for a long time if you wash it periodically. Your wig will quickly become damaged from your regular washings.

You should wash your wig after using it for a few weeks, ideally eight. Be mindful of your hair when washing it, and avoid using hot water or vigorous rinsing. Instead, you can wash gently with lukewarm water. Consider skipping a few washes to keep your wig looking natural and healthy.

2. Use specific wig combs, shampoo, and conditioner

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When purchasing cleaning supplies for your wig, you should be aware that there are specific ones available because standard shampoo and conditioners include several chemicals that might harm the structure of the hair on your wig, especially if it gets made of synthetic hair.

Before using your wig comb remove the shampoo or conditioner from the wig and soak the wig in shampoo and water for a few minutes. To remove all the product, rinse the wig with warm water.

Detangle the wig with a comb and let it air dry. Remember that combing the wig after washing it is sufficient—no need to knead or massage it!

3. Avoid overheating your wig

Many people manage their natural hair wigs incorrectly, which causes them to lose them in a short period. Be careful not to overheat your wig when styling and caring for it. The hair may become damaged, thin out, and resemble blisters.

If you wish to use a hair straightener or curler, keep the heat moderate to avoid overheating. The most crucial thing is to avoid touching the wig’s roots. Until the roots, avoid applying any heat. As a result, you can keep up with it over time.

4. Avoid using any spray at all in your wig

If you do this and use a variety of treatments, such as hold spray or shine spray, the wig’s hair is more prone to tangle or become oily and unruly. It’s okay to use some spray and don’t overdo it!

5. Never put seawater or chlorine water in your wig


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Every time you intend to enter chlorinated or saltwater, you do not need to put on your wig. It will permit the hair’s texture to dry out and take on the appearance of bristles. The wig’s lifespan will only be shortened by it. Consequently, anytime you swim, put your wig away.

6. Maintain proper moisture levels in your wigs

When you wish to use your wig, moisturize once every three days. Befriend one leave-in conditioner if you have curly or wavy hair. For straight, bouncy hair, you can apply serum to your wig. Apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer while gently massaging the strands of your human hair wig in an even, uniform motion. It keeps your hair looking lustrous and untangled while maintaining the curls or waves.

7. Properly store your wig

Ensure to properly preserve your wig while not in use by placing it on a wig stand, a mannequin’s head, or least on a hook. Allowing your real human hair wig to remain upright can help keep it from tangling up too much. Don’t forget to cover it as well to stop dust from gathering. You may store your wigs in your cabinets to keep them out of the sun.

Keep your wigs in a cool area while not in use since heat can damage their quality. A humidifier should be placed in your bedroom to help you keep it cool, especially if you live somewhere in a hotter environment.

8. Avoid wearing the same wig every day

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You shouldn’t wear your wig every day to preserve its natural and healthy appearance. Although we are talking about the same wig usage, we are not stating that you shouldn’t wear the wig every day. After frequent wear, your wig will begin to lose its volume, and the threads will eventually fall out.

Use two wigs and wear them both daily if you intend to wear the lace front wig for an extended period. You may take care of the wig by wearing it intermittently. Therefore, it is essential to think about wearing wigs periodically. If you do, we highly recommend purchasing from a reputable wig company to ensure product quality and post-purchase support.

9. Further advice/tricks for your human hair wig

It’s vital to remember that wearing human hair requires washing or rinsing beforehand; it cannot get human hair worn straight out of the box. Typically, your local wig shop will handle this.

  • Avoid utilizing hot water since it will dry out your hair and harm your cap. For medical wigs, this is especially true.
  • Never dry on a mannequin head or solid shape, as it can stretch the hat. Instead, utilize a canvas block or a Styrofoam head.
  • Never wear your wig when swimming, showering, or going to bed.
  • To prevent crimps or kinks, store on a wig stand.
  • There should be no pulling or tugging on delicate lace wigs.
  • Use your fingers or a comb with big teeth instead of a brush.
  • Allow a professional to do any cuts or chemical procedures.