12 Unwritten Rules of Being a Sneakerhead

Sneaker collection and wearing are very important to sneakerheads. A sneakerhead is someone more than just someone who collects sneakers. It entails a profound awareness of the cultural importance, design, and history of sneakers.

You do know that sneakerheads have a set of unwritten rules that they follow when they have sneakers in front of them. You may be a sneakerhead yourself. Whether you have size 14 men’s shoes or even bigger, you abide by a set of unwritten guidelines that you and your co-sneakerheads know.

With every sneaker that you own, you have abided by these rules and you are willing to pass these on to people who are also willing to be a sneakerhead themselves.

What are the Rules of Being a Sneakerhead?

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1. Keep your sneakers in pristine condition

You must treat your sneakers with respect if you consider yourself a sneakerhead. To keep them in the best condition possible, keep them clean, store them correctly, and stay away from wearing them in challenging circumstances.

2. Build connections within the sneaker community

Numerous distinct groups of sneakerheads make up the large and diverse sneaker community. Gaining access to special releases and learning more about shoes are both possible with the assistance of making contacts inside this group.

3. Don’t be a reseller

The main goal of a sneakerhead should be to collect and appreciate sneakers, not to make a profit. Reselling sneakers for profit can lead to hostile behavior within the community, and it goes against the spirit of collecting and appreciating sneakers.

4. Know the history and details of the sneaker

Knowing the specifics of each sneaker in their collection is something sneakerheads take great delight in. This covers the background, components, and design elements of each pair of sneakers.

5. Stay up-to-date with sneaker releases

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Releases of sneakers occur often, therefore it’s critical to keep up with the latest releases. This entails following blogs that cover sneakers, the social media pages of stores and manufacturers, and even setting up release date alerts. If you want to get your hands on a limited-release pair of sneakers, you must be ready for the release.

6. Respect the Culture

Sneaker culture is an important part of the sneakerhead lifestyle, and it’s important to respect it. Don’t try to pass yourself off as a sneakerhead if you’re not genuinely interested in the culture. Respect the other collectors and enthusiasts in the community, and never try to cheat or deceive other sneakerheads.

7. Be Prepared to Spend

Collecting sneakers can be an expensive hobby, especially if you’re after rare or limited edition designs. As a sneakerhead, you need to be prepared to spend money if you want to add some of the more sought-after sneakers to your collection. This might mean saving up for months or even years.

8. Never Wear Them Outside

Some sneakerheads prefer to keep their sneakers in perfect condition by never wearing them outside. This might seem extreme, but it’s a common practice among serious collectors. If you’re going to wear your sneakers, be prepared to accept some wear and tear.

9. Only Buy What You Love

Sneaker collecting can quickly become an expensive hobby. It’s important to only buy what you love and avoid impulse purchases. Don’t buy a sneaker just because it’s popular or limited edition. Stick to your style and what makes you happy. Complete your iconic sneaker look with the premium long socks, crafted to match the passion of true Sneakerheads. [stay away from wearing them in challenging circumstances.

10. You do not mismatch socks and shoes of different brands

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One unwritten rule for most sneakerheads is that you do not use socks of one brand and partner them with shoes of a different brand. Your size 14 mens shoes and socks should have similar brands and even logos. For signature shoes, you can also find socks that also have the emblem of the shoes that you acquired.

If you do not have socks that are from the same brand as your shoes, you should pick socks without any logos or branding instead. It will look better especially if you are going to wear your sneakers and socks with shorts.

11. You should always re-lace your shoes

Whether you order your shoes online or from a brick-and-mortar store, you should expect that the man or woman who laced your shoes did not care as much as you when they did it and placed your shoes in the box.

As a sneakerhead, you must re-lace your shoes properly. You can even change the way that the laces are done. Most sneakerheads would go for a more loose look. This all depends on how you carry yourself when wearing sneakers. It is best to look in the mirror and see the different ways of lacing your shoes can add value and style to your shoes.

You must not be influenced by other people when it comes to picking your shoes

A sneakerhead has his style. He prefers a specific sneaker brand and he sticks to it. As a sneakerhead yourself, you must not allow others to influence your choice of sneakers. People just have a personal preference when it comes to sneakers. This may be the type of look that sneaker models have or the brand and make of the shoes.

Some shoes are just comfortable to wear. Others have the colorways that you love. Whatever the reason, you must get the sneakers that you want for yourself.

12. You must never wear fake sneakers

It is better to wear shoes that are cheap than wear fake brands. Fakes and replicas do not have the same feel as the original. They also do not have the durability and quality of material that genuine brands have.

If you want to own specific shoe models, you should save your money to buy them. You should also be aware of the people who sell fake sneakers online. If the shoes are too cheap, they are probably fake.

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Some declare themselves as sneakerheads. Others do not admit they belong to this group of shoe enthusiasts. Whether you are one or the other, you know that there are rules to follow when you become a sneakerhead.

You and your size 14 men’s shoes will agree that the unwritten rules that are stated above are not clear-cut regulations to follow. They are still based on your preference and your understanding. Just be sure to enjoy every sneaker that you own and continue hunting for those elusive sneakers to add to your collection.