Weed Strains that Help You Relax and Leave Your Problems Behind

If stress or anxiety weighs on your well-being, here are the top five cannabis strains to help you relax and feel calm.

These days, stress and anxiety affect almost everyone, leading to poor mental health, lower productivity, and higher rates of illness and injury. The good news is that the right dose of THC or CBD has shown evidence of having stress-relieving benefits, therefore, making you feel relaxed and calm.

However, there is a whole variety of marijuana strains to choose from, and each one of those has an entirely different effect on the body. Therefore, it is easy to feel lost while choosing a marijuana strain to grow that is good for stress relief and mental relaxation. There are so many varieties that finding the right strain might feel like finding a needle in a haystack. However, you would not even have to lift a finger as we are listing the top 5 weed strains that help you relax and leave your problems behind. If you wonder where to order cannabis seeds for sale, go here.

Top 5 Weed Strains for Relaxation

Source: cannaprovisions.com

Cannabis is a species that belongs to the Cannabaceae family. We can divide the Cannabaceae family into 2 subspecies:

  • Sativa;
  • Indica.

Sativa strains are known for their uplifting, energizing effects on the body. Indica strains are more known for their full-body effects, such as deep relaxation and stress relief. Therefore, in this selection, we are going to focus more on Indica strains as we are all in for relaxation. Based on these aspects and our decades of experience in the industry, the following are the top 5 strains that help you relax and forget about your problems:

1. Shiva Skunk by Sensi Seeds

Source: sensiseeds.com

Shiva Skunk by Sensi Seeds is a hybrid strain carrying 85% Indica and 15% Sativa traits. It arises from the cross between Northern Lights 5 and Skunk 1. It became more popular in the 1990s and is still considered a high-end strain in the market.

This strain grows vigorously and reaches more height than other Indicas. It has many branches and forms long colas of buds. Towards the middle of flowering, its buds are filled with real amounts of resin, which makes it ideal for hash extraction.

Indoors you can get up to 400 gr/m2 in 50 or 55 days as it is a very fast strain with good production. Outdoors you will see how it reaches more height and will be ready to harvest at the beginning of October, producing up to 1 kg per plant.

As for its effects, you can expect a sense of deep relaxation both for the mind and body. Its flavor is intense, with hints of oak, earthy, and especially mint, but with a lovely background.

  • Taste: Earthy with strong minty touches
  • Cross: 85% Indica — 15% Sativa
  • Effects: Deep Relaxation

2. Mazar by Dutch Passion

Source: icmag.com

Mazar del Banco Dutch Passion is a very stable 100% Indica strain. It arises from the crossing of Mazar-I-Sharif with a Skunk that gives it more size and structure.

This variety is one of the most stable types of Indica strains. It grows strong and vigorous, forming many branches and acquiring a beautiful Christmas tree structure.

It grows indoors within 55 to 65 days. Depending on the phenotype, you will have up to 500 gr/m2 ready to consume. While outdoors, you will get up to 700 gr/plant at the beginning of November.

Its effects are highly relaxing, although not narcotic, and somewhat mentally stimulating. It is ideal for consumption during the day.

  • Taste: Sweet and Minty
  • Cross: 100% Indica
  • Effects: Highly Relaxing and Awake

3. Northern Light Bulk

Source: seedsman.com

Next up on the list, we have Northern Light of Bulk Feminized Seeds. It is one of the most popular relaxing Indica strains.

This variety grows very vigorously, with short internodes, forming many lateral branches and acquiring a bushy shape. During flowering, the buds will get quite fatty and filled with resin. For this reason, it is good to use preventives since, being such a leafy plant with large and resinous buds, it can tend to suffer fungal attacks.

Growing indoors, you can have a harvest in 45 or 50 days of up to 550 gr/m2 from this variety. While outdoors, you can get up to 700 gr/plant at the end of September.

Its effects are highly relaxing with a sense of tranquility. Therefore, it is an ideal variety to relax after a day of work or before bed if you suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

  • Taste: Earthy, Sweet, and Minty
  • Cross: 90% Indica — 10% Sativa
  • Effects: very relaxing and therapeutic

4. Big Bud by Sensi Seeds

Source: growdiaries.com

Big Bud arises from the crossing of Skunk varieties. It is a plant that, despite its short size, will surprise you with its production.

It grows strong and vigorous with many branches, although a little weak, which will need tutors, especially outdoors. Indoors, it doesn’t grow very tall, so it’s perfect for small spaces.

During flowering, it will be filled with compact and highly developed buds that are full of resin.

Indoors, you will have a harvest of up to 600 gr/m2 in 50 days. While outdoors, we will get up to 650 gr/plant in mid-September.

Its effects are highly narcotic, giving you a long session of deep relaxation. Therefore, it is a great option to be consumed before bedtime.

  • Taste: Sweet and Citrus
  • Cross: 75% Indica — 25% Sativa
  • Effects: Narcotic Relaxants
  • Flavor: sweet and citrus

5. Afghan Skunk by Advanced Seeds

Source: 17-10.com

Lastly, we have Afghan Skunk by Advance Seeds. It is a feminized strain that will give you fantastic production with a short flowering period, good flavor, and a powerful relaxing effect.

Its strain has vigorous growth with a firm structure; it does not reach much height, but it has many branches, and each one will grow buds that will compact into one, forming a central club. Towards the end of flowering, you can see how the hairs on the buds turn reddish and purple, as well as their leaves.

Indoors, you will achieve a production of up to 600 gr/m2 in 60 days. While outdoors, you can get up to 900 gr/copy in a period of early or mid-October.

Its effects are highly relaxing with a sense of peace and mental serenity, an effect that is not typical in Indica strains. Its flavor is soft, sweet, and earthy, with hints of lemon.

  • Taste: Sweet, Lemony, and Earthy
  • Cross: Indica 80% — Sativa 20%
  • Effects: Relaxing and Peaceful