Is Playing Practice Games The Only Strategy Required To Win Cube Solitaire?

The pandemic has forced lots of companies to shut down permanently. During the initial days of the coronavirus outbreak, people lost their jobs, and nobody knew what the future held. It was utter chaos, but things improved as people adjusted to the new everyday situations. While the pandemic has hurt most aspects of one’s life, the online gaming sector received a significant boost.

The growth of the online gaming market has been phenomenal during the pandemic, and it continues to reach new heights of success. One game that has stood out is Cube Solitaire. It is the classic variant of the much-loved Solitaire card game that everyone has played at least once on their computers. The game holds onto its core values and rules in the online world, while a few twists exist. The twists make Cube Solitaire so much more enjoyable. Players can experience head-to-head clash battles with online players or participate in multiplayer tournaments to win extra money. The entertainment opportunities are unlimited.

The fast-paced Cube Solitaire online games are played with a standard deck of cards and four suits. The primary objective is to build sequences belonging to the same suit from Ace to King. You must place the assembled set in the foundation pile to earn points. Players get to choose between 1VN and 1V1 modes.

Even though Cube Solitaire appears to be deceivingly simple, it isn’t. If you’ve played it before, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. However, find time to hone your skills and become a force to reckon with when participating in tournaments. The challenging online activity promises to push your cognitive abilities as you try your best to understand the best moves. Then, all you need to do is learn the strategies and implement them repeatedly to figure out their efficacy.

When talking of strategies, it is believed that playing practice leagues is one of the best ways to sharpen your Cube Solitaire playing skills. If you play a sufficient number of practice games, you’ll learn the rules by heart. Also, the free practice games give players a glimpse of the tension and competition awaiting them when they partake in tournaments. So, it allows players to muster their courage and face their fears head-on. However, playing free practice leagues isn’t the only strategy, and you can learn about the other strategies by clicking

The Fundamental Rules Of Cube Solitaire


Learning the strategies is fantastic, but no one can win Cube Solitaire without knowing the rules. The objective is to score as many points as possible to beat your opponent. Of course, achieving the highest score in a time-based activity is easier said than done. However, no matter what, players need to abide by the unbreakable rules, or they will find themselves stuck. The rules are as follows:

  • The cards are assembled in descending order, and you must solve the deck by placing cards in alternate colors.
  • If you have emptied a column or tableau, place a King card. No other card can occupy an empty column.
  • Players need to drag the cards and place them in favorable positions in the columns. When all the cards are assembled, transfer them to the foundation pile.
  • Players need to tap on the stockpile to get new cards with no more possible moves.

These are the basic rules, but you already know if you have ever played Solitaire on your computer. Besides these, you need to watch out for the 5-minute countdown timer. Each session lasts for about five minutes, and players need to score the highest before the timer runs out. You might lose the battle if you haven’t managed to place even one arranged set in the foundation pile.

Do you understand these rules? If so, download the game right away and start playing. Begin by playing the free practice games, and then you can advance to multiplayer tournaments.

Cube Solitaire Scoring System


Cube Solitaire is a card game, and building relevant sequences isn’t an easy task. Also, you must know that all games are not solvable. If you face an unwinnable session, decide to end the game early. You need to click on submit and end the game to get the timer bonus.

Furthermore, knowing the game’s scoring system will assist you in strategizing your game. It will help you score high points even if you don’t build relevant sets.

In the online Cube Solitaire game, points are earned due to several actions. For example, you can earn 20 points for exposing face-down cards, 70 points for moving previously removed cards from the foundation pile to the tableau, 500 points for forming the set correctly and transferring to the foundation pile, etc. Also, players are awarded a timer bonus for finishing the session with lots of time left on the timer.

Also, specific actions result in players losing points, such as drawing from the stockpile more than four times. Therefore, players must become privy to the scoring system before partaking in tournaments to avoid penalties. Losing points means giving undue advantage to the opponents.

Summing Up

These are all you need to know to master Cube Solitaire. You can start by playing the practice games and then partake in tournaments and cash battles. Playing sufficient practice games might not be the only strategy in Cube Solitaire, but it is one of the powerful tactics that will make you a champion. The free games are played as many times as possible. These games allow players to learn the rules, implement the different game strategies and study their efficacies.

Furthermore, these practice games are played with real-life opponents and create a high-pressure situation. If you can survive these games, you will gain the confidence to enter head-to-head cash battles. Once you get the hang of the game, nobody can stop you.

If you’d like to practice individually, without the pressure, there are a couple of basic solitaire games worth trying:

  • SolitaireBliss allows you to create an account so you can keep track of your scores. You can continue to try to beat personal records.
  • SolitaireNetwork has leaderboards where you can compete against others in a friendly way.

Once you’re confident, download the game and get your fill of Cube Solitaire fun.